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  • Ending Period Stigma

     Ending Period Stigma. We've come a long way recently with things like more honesty in advertising, better products (like Modibodi!) and movements that open up conversations to the public. However, period stigma is still a huge issue across the globe, especially with some cultures still banishing those on their period from their community. Simran comes from an Indian background and has experienced culturally oppressive views on periods and has witnessed how menstruation has changed throughout the different generations.
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  • Welcome To Your Period!

    Welcome to your period! Not sure what’s happening? Don’t worry, none of us did at first either. That’s why we have asked Demi to answer some of your most asked questions! Demi is our no-filter period educator, giving us and our customers honest and helpful advice on periods, mental health, pub[...]
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  • International Day of the Girl

    We’re celebrating International Day of the GirlBack in 2012 the United Nations acknowledged and marked this day as the first International Day of the Girl - it aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights. This year theme is “my voice, our equal future”. 
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  • Speaking up against climate change.

    My name is Billie Tristram and I’m a climate activist. Ive always been interested and passionate about caring for our planet. I started understanding about climate change was when I was around 12. However, before then I was very enthusiastic about creating a better world for all. 
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  • Your Period Pain Q's Answered By Demi!

    Cramps? Aces? Headaches? PMS? Is this period pain and when will it stop? We get the down-low from our experienced no-filter period educator Demi on what exactly is happening to your body during your period. Keeping you informed and empowered! 

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  • A Tour Guide From Antarctica Top 3 Tips To Be Sustainable

    Alice is a marine biologist and wildlife guide, with a passion for the natural world and the creatures who inhabit it. As a researcher but also a Divemaster & freediver, she’s a firm believer in the need to communicate the science as well as the intrinsic value of the ocean and what’s beneath the surface. 
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  • The RED Report - Karys

    We love to hear from our customers! This week we asked 12-year-old Karys to tell us about her first experience with RED and her thoughts on period underwear. Karys is a ballet, jazz, hip hop and acro dancer, she said she feels super secure wearing RED while dancing.

    "I love the brand and I think it's a great product for the environment - and you can dance and tumble while wearing them!"

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  • Earth Day - How Can We Help?

    At RED by Modibodi we are committed to changing the habits and use of disposable products, we encourage and advocate for sustainable living at all levels, even if it’s just one small change at a time. It’s the little things we do that can make a big difference! To celebrate Earth Day we have asked our team to share how they have changed their habits to become more sustainable around the house -apart from all using their Modibodi of course
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  • Caring For Your RED

    Washing your period underwear is so easy. Follow these simple steps to help you get the most out of your RED underwear and make them last even longer!

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  • #nopanicperiod

    Fresh out of tampons and pads at the supermarket? Super annoying when you desperately need some! While there is no reason to panic buy and stock up on things it seems everyone has had the same idea. Managing your period or leaks can be tricky sometimes but doing so while also trying to make sense of what's happening in the world at the moment, is downright tough! 

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