Are you on track to spend $16,000 on pads and tampons?

Are you on track to spend $16,000 on pads and tampons?

Nov 21, 2018Alice Cheng

Disposable period products are not only destroying our planet, they’re gobbling up our income too. Even with the recently banished tampon tax, purchasing disposable sanitary products is eating up way too much of our hard earned cash. $16,000 worth, to be super specific. That’s a heck of a lot of dollarydoos on pieces of compressed cotton wool that you bleed on and then put in the bin. We get that managing your period is still rather essential, but are there more cost-effective options available? Because we’re sure you really wouldn’t want to bleed onto $16,000 worth of bank notes before putting them in the bin…

Well, trading in your disposable products and swapping them out for period underwear instead is a sure-fire way to save a LOT of money. We recommend purchasing seven pairs of Modibodi period panties to see you through your period (and overnight period coverage), and at $23 for our classic bikini, that works out at $161 per set of seven. If you divvy that cost up over the average 40 years of menstruating, having to replace the undies every two to three years (which we recommend), then your lifetime cost works out at around $2,000 to $3,000. That means you could be saving up to $14,000 over your lifetime if you switched from disposables to Modibodis. And what can you get for $14,000 we hear you ask? Well this is what you can buy instead of pads and tampons with your extra cash:

  • 8 round-the-world plane tickets
  • 13 rooms worth of IKEA furniture
  • 18 rather specialised push bikes
  • 14 brand new iPhones
  • 35 brand new washing machines
  • A really, really sparkly Tiffany & Co. diamond engagement ring
We’ll wait while you decide…

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