The Man's Guide to Periods

The Man's Guide to Periods

Nov 17, 2016Alice Cheng

Modibodi HQ came across a video recently which we found interesting. Its the recent viral comedy skit from Aussie Trio SKITBOX, detailing a scenario most women can relate to -- guys freaking out when menstruation is mentioned within a 50-metre radius of their sacred ears -God forbid!

You can watch the video here.

Whilst providing a lot of entertainment it also highlighted the important fact that men are actually quite clueless when it comes to periods, feminine hygiene and the menstruation cycle in general. As the Founder of Modibodi, Kristy Chong has made it her mission and that of the Modibodi brand to open discussion on topics that are considered female taboos and she aims to drive positive and open discussion about period leaks and bladder leaks.

So we have created a little guide for men to lay down some truths about the fundamental menstrual facts.

Its unclear whether its due to the fact that boys don't receive a proper education in menstruation while they're at school or they just avoid speaking about the topic altogether.

Actually, most of what men know regarding periods will probably come from their mums, sisters, girlfriends or wives.

We aren't asking the men in our lives to worship at the altar of the menstruation goddess, but a basic understanding of what we go through will shed some light on the shedding of our uterine walls. And maybe, just maybe, they'll be able to empathize when we cry out in pain for chocolate and hot water bottles.

For most men, the concept of periods is extremely daunting to think about, and they believe that ignorance is bliss. Even though men aren't typically put off by blood out on the rugby field or skate park, the thought of us excreting blood from our vagina completely freaks some of them out! The fact is, the more you know, the less scary things become.

So it's time for a menstruation crash course boys, buckle in. Here are the main things men can take from our periods.

It means we aren't pregnant…. For a little refresher of high school biology. During each cycle the lining of the uterus will thicken to prepare for a fertilized egg. If conception doesn't occur, the unfertilized egg and your uterine wall will shed, resulting in menstruation. This is why missing a period is usually the sign you need to take a pregnancy test.

PMS actually does exist… We can actually feel the men rolling their eyes at this one, but it's true! (Science says so). Men have this vision of women on their periods morphing into a raging lunatic, ready to flatten cities and torch buildings with the fire coming out of your mouth. Contrary to popular belief we often aren't mean just for the sake of it, and indecisive to make your life difficult, but for 85% of women, PMS is a real problem and they suffer from at least one symptom. These typically include tender breasts, fatigue, depression, changes in appetite and headaches. It also usually happens about a week or so before your period actually begins.

We don't bleed constantly… Some guys have the horrible misconception that for five straight days we bleed incessantly (think the elevator doors opening in that scene from the Shining). Well luckily we can confirm that this is not the case, and thank goodness for that! Women actually only lose between 1 and 6 tablespoons of blood per cycle, and this trickles out at a steady little pace throughout the 5 days - most of the time we don't even know/feel when this is happening.

Feminine hygiene products come in a range of sizes and absorbency levels Tampons can be light and slim, or wider and thicker for super heavy flows - the same goes for pads. Modibodi garments also range in absorbency levels, from moisture wicking, to light, moderate and heavy absorbency. This range is to accommodate a wide range of menstrual flows, some women have periods which are quite light, while others are very heavy. Depending on the time of the cycle can also determine how heavy the flow will be, with most women experiencing the heaviest blood flow from the beginning to middle of their cycle.

Yes, Period Underwear is a thing Modibodi and men don't always go hand in hand, as they often don't quite understand how or why we would need a product like this. Well this is tricky as they actually have WAY more than one purpose, you can use Modibodis for anything you like! For that added security during your period, protection against bladder leaks or to prevent sweating or odour at the gym. It's that little confidence and security boost we can all rely on, not to mention they look fabulous.

A lot of women vary while menstruating. Some crave love, affection and cuddles, and others would like if you stayed out of their way and were very very quiet. Some have food cravings like chocolate, others crave salty or greasy foods. The most important thing is to listen, be open and understanding with what she has to say and work together to make sure her period isn't any more difficult than it needs to be. As a female brand that fuses feminine hygiene and apparel, Modibodi is excited to see that PERIODS have become a viral sensation in Australia and we can’t wait for the open, honest discussion to take place regarding our natural processes, especially with the men in our lives.

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