Wrap your season with the perfect sustainable gifts

Wrap your season with the perfect sustainable gifts

Oct 10, 2021sophie nelson

When it comes to gifting season, it pays to be thoughtful; not just in what you’re buying your loved ones, but how your gift is affecting the earth. If you can get both right, it’ll be a very merry season indeed. Here are our top gifting ideas that’ll delight you and the environment.

Nature (AKA pot plants)

These guys are always a winner. Pot plants, dried flowers, vases, anything of that nature (no pun intended) will always be appreciated. Not only will it look beautiful and improve air quality in their home, but the gift receiver gets to watch their plants grow and their flowers bloom - which is a treat in itself.

A self-care hamper

Get creative and create a mixed bag of pampering goodies. A biodegradable candle from Soy & Ivy for the ambience, a block (or 3) of sustainable Alter Eco Australia choccy for the flavour, and a Kappi Safety Razor for some smooth sailing, baby. It’s sleek, durable, and made from a Brass Alloy, meaning it’s made to last, not made to throw to landfill.

Hate cooking but your friend loves it? Make their day by buying them some plastic-free kitchen essentials from Seed & Sprout.

For the new parent

Reusable nappies for a thoughtful, aesthetic pleasing and sustainable present? Tick, tick tick! Created to make it easier to switch from disposable nappies to reusables, it’s an innovative patent-pending design that is easy to wash, comfy to wear and safe for delicate baby skin.

Have you been voted ‘Best Aunt’ 2 years in a row and ready to take your role to the next level? Then try the Complete Dining Set set from Seed & Sprout. It includes a bowl, plate, two spoons, a sippy cup and a bib. It’s stylish (hello terracotta or stone colourway) and sustainable (their Silicone Take Back Program means it can be returned, recycled and repurposed).

Experiences to enjoy and remember.

Lifelong memories do exactly what they say they’ll do: they last.
The more fun it is, the longer they’ll remember it, and the more sustainable it becomes - get it? Not sure where to start? Totally fine!
Try a pottery class - and keep your creations for years to come. A cooking class or a rock-climbing class - if you’re feeling adventurous.

For the go-go-go-ers

Got a friend that’s always on the move? We’ve got some gift ideas for them too. Try a reusable shopper bag filled with treats or reusable cleansing pads to help them wind down without the waste.

They might also love the Luxy Cup; great for coffee - or baby chinos. Or why not put their fashion on full blast and buy them TWOOBS, stylish and comfortable shoes that are made from all recycled materials.

This is the beauty of good gift buying - if you get something they actually need and love, it’s not just sustainable through its make, but through its wear, too.

Happy gift-ing!

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