Meet Modibodi Maternity & Postpartum: why our new range is different

Meet Modibodi Maternity & Postpartum: why our new range is different

Jul 01, 2021sophie nelson

You trust Modibodi for protection from periods and pee; now trust us for pregnancy and post-partum as well.

Here at Modibodi, we believe both pregnancy AND post-partum bodies are precious – although they might not always feel that way. We’re for stretched bellies and leaky, life-giving boobs. We’re down with discharge, unexpected bladder leaks, stitches and scars, and learning that a big part of a new baby is a new body – yours as well as theirs.

We want to help people get comfortable with their pregnant and postpartum bodies, but we know it’s not always easy. How? By starting conversations, sharing real stories (no sugar-coating here), and creating high-performing products which look as good as they feel.

We’re about trust and putting function first. Our products have been designed to manage leaks better than anything else on the current market so you can navigate your new life feeling better protected, comfy, and more confident.

We believe our new maternity and postpartum styles will revolutionise the pregnancy and postpartum experience by combining good-looking designs with serious comfort and scientifically proven performance – while replacing uncomfortable environmentally-damaging disposable breast pads and maternity pads.

From clever, comfy Breastfeeding Bras and Camis for leaky boobs to comfy Maternity Briefs to absorb pregnancy discharge, post-partum bleeding and bladder leaks, we’re caring for you while you care for baby.

Why maternity and postpartum – Kristy’s story

Our founder & CEO Kristy has breastfed four children, and her first-hand experience with uncomfortable, soggy disposable breast pads (and subsequent leaky boobs) inspired her to create our world exclusive patent-pending leak-proof cup – one of the features of our new Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami.

“After breastfeeding four kids I’ve tried my fair share of maternity bras. They were uncomfortable and offered no functional support for sweaty, leaky breasts, and disposable breast pads were scratchy, stinky and never stayed in place.

“I’m so proud of the fit, comfort, performance and sustainability of our new range...I think you’ll want to wear them well beyond the pregnancy and postpartum phase.”

- Kristy Chong

What’s different about Modibodi’s new Breastfeeding Bra & Breastfeeding Cami?

Many of the existing products in the maternity and postpartum market aren’t absorbent or ‘leak-proof’, aren’t flattering and are environmentally harmful since they need to be worn with disposable breast pads.

Our patent-pending technology doesn’t just absorb breast milk leaks within the cup itself, it has a moisture-wicking antimicrobial lining which is fast drying, fights odour and bacteria, and keeps you sweat-free.

Plus, there’s a water repellent outer layer to prevent leaks getting through to your clothing, eliminating the need for disposable breast pads which often scrunch up and don’t stay in place. Bye bye embarrassing wet patches, hello planet-friendly protection.

Designed to be worn both pre and post-baby, our Breastfeeding Bra and Cami are designed to look as good as they feel thanks to their built-in moulded foam cups which deliver a sleek, smooth profile and great shape and support – they look like a regular bra you’d actually want to wear and fit up to 3 sizes to adapt to your changing breast size while feeding.

Comfort was a priority when designing our Breastfeeding Bra and Cami, which both feature a wirefree design and internal power mesh for serious support, while still being safe and comfortable enough to sleep in.

Both the Breastfeeding Bra and Cami styles feature adjustable shoulder straps to help you find the right fit, while the Breastfeeding Bra also has an extendable hook and eye to adapt to your changing body.

Find out more about how our technology works here: HOW IT WORKS

Meet our new maternity and postpartum briefs

Maternity Brief Maxi-24hrs

The Maternity Brief – Maxi-24hrs features Modibodi’s most absorbent lining ever to protect the wearer from postpartum bleeding, heavy discharge or bladder leaks – replacing the need for uncomfortable, disposable maternity pads. Soft and stretchy with a wide v-shaped waistband to sit comfortably below a baby bump or post-baby belly – it’s a must for any modern hospital bag.

Postpartum Control Brief

Our Postpartum Control Brief provides firm tummy and lower back support (great when your post-birth core isn’t at its best) like shapewear, but with the added benefit of absorbing postpartum bleeding, discharge and leaks.

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Postpartum Diaries with Kristy Chong

We'll be sharing postpartum diaries from Modibodi team members as well as people from our community, to share real, raw and personal stories - as no birth story is the same!

Because sharing is caring...

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