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  • I gave birth in my ensuite

    Shellee woke at 3am to contractions, her previous birth lasted 7 hours so she assumed she had plenty of time to make it to the hospital.... "​I woke at 3am and my contractions started at 3:15am, I had approximately 4 where I had actively timed then before waking up my husband. We had also had [...]
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  • Why choose to reuse – save cash and the planet with modern cloth nappies

    No doubt you know that reusable nappies are better for the planet than their disposable cousins (and we’re not going to tell you otherwise), but you might not know they’re also better for your bank balance.  
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  • Why Modibodi’s Reusable Nappy is different. Your questions answered...

    Modibodi’s patent-pending reusable nappies have been designed for high-performance and usability to encourage parents to ‘rethink reusables’ and switch from disposables to a more sustainable choice...for good. “We asked customers what they didn’t like about current cloth nappies and undertook rigorous research and independent testing to create a reusable nappy that addressed their concerns – super absorbent, simple to use, feels dry, reduces odour, resists stains, high quality and looks great – because we want to make it easier for parents to switch from disposable to reusable nappies.” 

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  • How to wash reusable nappies (it’s easier than you think)

    One of the biggest myths (and roadblocks) about switching from disposable nappies to reusables is washing. How hard is it? Do you have to soak or scrub them? How will I deal with poo? It's actually pretty simple, and yes, they’re machine washable. Here’s how it’s done... 

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  • Reusable Nappies 101 | How to get started

    So you’ve decided to ditch the disposables and make the move to reusable nappies? Or you’re on the fence? We get it. You’re worried about convenience, absorption, washing...just how much effort it will be. It’s time to forget what you know about cloth nappies – white terry, safety pins and scrubbing – and rethink reusables because we’ve made them easier, better (and clever) to make sustainable living simpler. Because parenthood is anything but.

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