Welcome To Your Period!

Welcome To Your Period!

Oct 14, 2020sophie nelson

Welcome to your period! Not sure whats happening? Don’t worry, none of us did at first either. That’s why we have asked Demi to answer some of your most asked questions! Demi is our no-filter period educator, giving us and our customers honest and helpful advice on periods, mental health, puberty and everything that comes with entering teenhood! "Easy-peasy periods, no awkward conversations required!" as Demi puts it.

Here are your questions and answers from Demi!

I'm 14 and I haven’t gotten my period yet. Is that okay?

Demi– People usually get their periods between the ages of 9 and 16. Usually when you’re 14, most people may have their period, but not everyone. Everyone’s body is different, which means that everyone’s period is going to be different. If you’re 14 and haven’t gotten your period yet, but you have experienced other signs of puberty, i.e. breasts starting to grow or pubic hair, then it’s not too much of an alarm. You can always see your doctor and have a chat about it if you’re really concerned. Some bodies just take slightly longer than others sometimes. If you’re 16 and haven’t gotten your period, go and chat with your doctor about it - it’s usually something which is quite fixable. Because our period is such a big part of our health, if there’s another part of our health that isn’t quite right, then that can affect our period as well.

What age is it okay to wear a tampon, and what if I don’t want to use a tampon?

Demi– Any age that you feel comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable using a tampon, then don’t use it, and use something else which you do find comfortable, such as Modibodi RED underwear for teens. They’re super comfortable. There are lots of other alternatives to tampons.

How can I go swimming on my period?

Demi – Periods should not disrupt our life – not in the pain department and definitely not in the active department. Modibodi RED does make swimwear! The one-piece swimsuit is nice and chic, and they also do swim bottoms so that you can still wear your favourite bikini top. Other options for swimming whilst on your period are tampons or menstrual cups. If you’re concerned about leaking, you can wear either a tampon or menstrual cup in combination with Modibodi RED swimwear to give you that extra peace of mind.

Why is my period irregular, or why is my period missing?

Demi – In order for our period to happen, our body needs to ovulate. Ovulation is a stage in our cycle where one of our ovaries (we have 2 ovaries) releases an egg. Therefore, if ovulation is not happening, our period can go missing. Likewise, if ovulation happens late, then we’re going to get our period late. The reason why somebody might be ovulating late varies from person to person. There are so many reasons why someone ovulates late or not at all, such as stress, hormone balance, other health conditions, or for genetic reasons. If you’re someone whose period has gone missing for more than 3 months, go and chat with a health professional – preferably one who specialises in women’s health. As teenagers, it’s very expected that you’re going to experience irregular periods. Generally, you want to aim for a 25 – 30 day cycle.

Can I exercise while on my period?

Demi– Yes! Keep exercising. We need to pay attention to our bodies. If you’re feeling really tired and feel just like resting, then pay attention to your body and let yourself rest. However, exercise around the time of our period and all month round can actually help with our hormonal balance, and if we’re supporting our hormonal balance in turn, we’re going to have better periods – more regular, less PMS and less period pain.

Tips on getting rid of period pain?

Demi – A lot of people just accept period pain, however I want to challenge that and say no. Even if people around you like your friends and family all experience period pain, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept it as your normal. We have lots of influence over our hormones, which then control our period and our period pain. Things that we can do to support our period pain include lifestyle changes like getting regular exercise, getting 7 – 10 hours of sleep, changing our nutrition to support our hormones, and supporting our mental health and stress levels through meditation, walking and deep breathing. All of these things are easy things that we can incorporate into our everyday. There are lots of women's health practitioners, even naturopaths, who can help support your hormone balance with herbal tonics and lots of other targeted and individualistic practices to help you have your best period possible.

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