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  • How we’re giving your old Modibodi undies new life

    Well, the time has finally come! Thank you to everyone who took part in our pilot Recycled Pairs Project. You sent us your old Modibodi underwear, now we’re giving them a new life.   Most underwear ends up in landfill, no matter how good the quality is or how long you wear it. Why? Because ther[...]
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  • FAQ: Your questions about period undies, answered

    We have a secret weapon here at Modibodi... It’s our Customer Experience Team, and it’s filled with a talented bunch of people who dedicate their day to helping answer all your burning questions about period undies.   Now, they're here to lend a hand on your journey with reusable period undies[...]
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  • What to gift a new mum

    What’s the perfect gift for someone expecting? *Spoiler alert* it’s not chocolates or candles. Our range of maternity wear is the gift mum really wants.   Carefully crafted to give mums much-needed support and comfort while pregnant, breastfeeding and during post-partum, our range has been dub[...]
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  • Modibodi X The Good Box: Periods don’t stop when life gets difficult

    Homelessness can often feel like a foreign and distant concept. In reality, it can happen to any of us. Whether it’s losing a job, experiencing poor health, or being a victim of the housing crisis, many people are one twist of bad luck from becoming homeless.   But have you ever stopped to thin[...]
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  • We’re partnering with the UK Government to help students get access to reusable period products.

    More and more, climate conscious students in the UK are ditching disposables and opting for reusable period underwear options. But as the UK’s leading absorbent apparel brand, we knew we could be doing more to help offset the rising cost of living, and make period underwear more accessible to a[...]
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  • Dixie D’Amelio just announced she has PMDD. Here’s what that means.

    If you're a Dixie D’Amelio fan, you might have caught the news that the 21-year-old TikTokker and reality TV star has been diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD.   Dixie took to Instagram Live and announced to fans that she has been dealing with health issues for ‘the past se[...]
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  • Our ultimate guide for sustainable gifts in 2022

    From thoughtful experiences to planet-friendly must-haves, we’ve got you covered with a list of gifts that are bound to excite and inspire your favourite people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are our top gifting ideas to add to your holiday shopping cart.   For the fashion friend [...]
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  • Tips from the team: how to make your undies last longer

    Even though our period undies are tested to last over 100 washes, there are things you can do to help make them last even longer. The better care you take, the better your undies will work for you and keep you leak-free each month.   Here’s some top tips for getting the longest life out of you[...]
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  • I tried period swimwear (here's how it went)

    We asked Demi Spaccavento, founder of Bright Girl Health, to take our swimwear for a spin and prove just how mind-blowing it really is. The result? She discovered that your period doesn’t have to stop you from swimming and having fun. Here’s what she had to say.  I tried Modibodi period swimwe[...]
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  • How does our period swimwear *actually* work?

    Our new period swimwear collection looks and feels just like regular bathers, but it also absorbs 1-2 tampons of period or pee without leaking. Mind-blowing, right? To unpack exactly how the technology behind our leak-proof, water-resistant swimwear works, we asked Modibodi Product and Innovat[...]
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