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  • Meet our Carbon Neutral Pants

    How can such a small pair of underwear be doing such big things for our planet? The answer is simple. To create these pants, we did a whole lot of work to understand the impact our products have. The goal being to make sure they are great for you, while having as  small of an impact as possibl[...]
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  • What is your vagina telling you?

    We’re often taught that vaginas are beautiful mysteries... but they don’t have to be as cryptic as they seem. The truth is, most of us are severely lacking in knowledge when it comes to our own vagina. There’s a whole world of information you can learn from simply tuning into your own body. So[...]
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  • A deep dive into PCOS

    Although Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition, many of us are kept in the dark about what it is and how it can affect our lives. It’s a hormonal and metabolic condition that involves a combination of genetic and environmental factors. 1 in 10 women are affected by PCOS. Wild,[...]
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  • Why do we choose to use wool?

    We use Merino wool because its super comfortable, naturally controls odour and is 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable. To unpack exactly why and how wool is perfect for our pants, we spoke to Dr Stewart Collie, a textile scientist with a PhD in textile chemistry, a background in advance[...]
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  • 5 tips from a Lactation Consultant with 30 years experience

    Author: Andrea Laidler – Lactation Consultant  I have had the privilege of working with women and babies as a midwife for 33 years. There have been stressful times sure, and some profoundly sad times also, but fortunately most of the time it has been joyous and fulfilling work. From my earlies[...]
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  • Top 10 ways to reduce boob sweat  

    From summer weather, to sweaty workouts, first date jitters and everything in between, sweaty boobs are a completely natural phenomenon.    But although most women experience boob sweat at one point or another, it can be a grizzly thing to deal with. From ditching your bra to popping on a mois[...]
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  • Why do our boobs sweat?

    So, why exactly do our boobs sweat?   Well, taking a step back and getting into the nitty gritty of how sweat works in general, anytime skin touches skin, sweat can shine. The evaporation of sweat can only happen where there’s airflow, so breasts are super prone to getting sweaty – especially [...]
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  • The totally NORMAL guide to period sex: Everything you need to know about sex and periods

    Author: Sydney-based Somatic Sexologist and Sex Coach Alice Child  We've teamed up with NORMAL to give you the ultimate guide to menstruation and sex. Join us as we confront some of the most common myths and questions surrounding period sex, and give hot tips for how to make your cycle (and se[...]
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  • Hands up if you thought breastfeeding would be easy?

    Hands up if you thought breastfeeding would be easy – but then struggled? This was the experience of Mum of 4, Etta Watts-Russell. “Breastfeeding wasn’t even on my radar as a potential problem, and I think I just assumed there would always be exactly the right amount of milk that my babies nee[...]
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  • How does the hot weather affect your period?

    Across half of the world, the sweatiest summer of all time is in full swing. Temperatures of above 40 degrees are raging, making period rage and pain a little more complex. There’s nothing like a heavy, painful period at any point – but periods during summer? For some folks, it can be a whole new ballgame. With many of the Modibodi family across the globe getting more than their fair share of heat, we thought it would be a good idea to give you the lowdown on how hot weather can affect your period.  
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