What to Wear to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, (Your Version).

What to Wear to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, (Your Version).

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated Eras Tour is Down Under, and fans (aka we) are happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. Which brings into question: how do you even prepare for an event like this one?

Whether you’re an OG fan, a recent convert or merely fulfilling the dutiful role of concert chaperone, we’ve compiled the ultimate Swiftie style guide to help you get ready, for the most important night of all our lives.

1. Fearless

As Taylor once told Stephen: “looks can be deceiving” — the same can be said for Fearless, one of the most underrated albums in Swift’s arsenal. Blending country-pop melodies, electric guitars and all the growing-pains of first love, this era calls for layered accessories, delicate fabrics and country-girl twang.

What to wear: Cowgirl boots, a short flowy dress and our PUMA x Modibodi Active Long Boyshort: our comfiest, leak-proof undies that work well under any dress all the while keeping you dry as you dance, shake and sing your heart out.

2. Red

Calling all romantics, this era is yours. The colour is red. The emotions are mixed. And Jake Gyllenhaal is public enemy #1. With bangers like All Too Well (10-minute version, obviously), State of Grace and 22, you want to be wearing something you can dance, jump and pretty much feel everything in, without the need for a costume change.

What to wear: red lips, a striped t-shirt, red scarf and our Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini in Rogue Red of course.

3. 1989

Don’t let the title fool you, while melodic nods to the 80’s can be heard here, the style of this era is a far cry from shoulder pads and perms. Instead, this album calls for us to embrace freedom, ease and fun; the kind of outfit you’d wear to the beach at sunset.

What to wear: Denim shorts, a sailor jumper, sneakers and a pair of seriously comfy undies from our best-selling Basics range.

4. Reputation

Welcome to Taylor’s darkest, most seductive period yet. With serious pop synths, genre-bending lyrics and so much shade you’ll need to BYO SPF, this era calls for statement dressing and bold choices. Think figure hugging bodysuits, black lace detailing and some serious winged eyeliner.

What to wear: Black cat suit and a pair of our signature Seamfree undies for a VPL-free finish.

5. Folklore

Outwardly, delicate, introspective. This is the era that truly showcased the poetic depths and lyrical range of Taylor’s lyrics. Drawing inspiration from the albums’ artwork, this period calls for romantic dressing, akin to The Princess Bride: think tights, florals, flats and lace.

What to wear: A Cardigan. Beret and our floral Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini: with soft-on-skin materials, a secure fit and light protection against leaks — they’re the perfect pair of undies for long days.

6. Midnights

Musically reminiscent of 1989, Midnights reflects Taylor’s maturing artistry from country-singer to pop-icon. While you could mix and match some of Taylor’s infamous style choices like her classic red lip or glittery eye, the beauty of this era is its open-endedness — it transcends so many years of a life lived, challenged and changed, making it the perfect era for you to interpret any way you like.

.... Or you could just wear a Kansas Chiefs #89 shirt.



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