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Sustainable Christmas gifts to buy your eco-warrior friends

Christmas shopping is one of those tasks that either brings you extreme joy or extreme stress. Gathering gifts for your nearest and dearest offers you the chance to get them something they really want, but the hecticness often means that you end up panicking at the last minute and getting them something, well, below average. So, to take a little bit of the pressure off, we’ve prepared a list of the top five sustainable presents to buy the person in your life that loves saving the world. These gifts are sure to satisfy your lucky eco-warrior mate this Christmas day.  

Radiant Keep Cup, $16 from keepcup.com To be honest, if you don’t have a keep cup by now, are you even doing 2018 right? These sustainable, reusable coffee cups are a great gift as they will be used every day by the lucky recipient - particularly as some cafés offer a discount for your caffeine fix if you bring you’re own cup.

4 pack of Beeswax Wraps, $30 from Bee Wrappy We should be ditching our disposables in every aspect of our lives - not just periods - so why not help a mate out with making their kitchen greener with these adorable beeswax food wraps? These hand wraps replace cling wrap and aluminium foil, and you can wash them out after each use.   Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar, $38 from Ere Perez Keep things all-natural in your eco-warrior friend’s life by gifting them this luxurious nectar, so they can treat themselves to a few drops of jasmine flower, jojoba and cedar wood every night to hydrate and revitalise their skin.  


String Bag, $11.99 from Eco Bags Now that plastic bags have been officially scrapped from major supermarkets, you always need a spare reusable bag on hand to load your shopping in. Make your mate’s last-minute dash to the convenience store to pick up veggies for dinner a breeze (and a stylish one at that) with one of these colourful net eco bags.

Limited Edition Mixed Heavy Sensual Bikini 7 Day Pack, $203 from Modibodi We couldn’t not include the most eco-friendly period product on the market! A pack of the limited edition (and goddamn gorgeous) sensual bikini undies make for a perfect Christmas gift for your eco-warrior bestie - so she can continue to save the world, even when it’s that time of the month.

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