Our People

Life-Changing Apparel


We nurture a culture of knowledge – sharing and imparting. Throughout the year we offer staff subject expert sessions to ensure we stay aware of best practice. Former sessions have included: 

  • My Vital Cycle Menstrual Education with Felicity Roux, School of Public Health, Curtin University. 
  • Menopause and hormones with Dr Jana Pittman. 
  • Incontinence and continence at all life stages with Sonya Meyer, Continence Specialist Nurse Education. 
  • Gender, language and representation with Twenty10, who provides peer to peer support for the LGBTQIA+ community. 


Our culture is focused on care, connection and growth which you can feel in our work environment and for support staff. Our values Innovation, Integrity, Collaboration, Purpose Driven, High Performance are part of why people want to work at Modibodi. 

 We offer flexible work options and value all stages of life and are one of the first Australian businesses to offer staff menstruation, miscarriage and menopause leave. 


The Modibodi team love giving back and will contribute 400 volunteer hours by 2025. Each year we participate in activities with our partners such as Thread Together, helping pack donations or our Game Changer Grant winner with professional skill sharing.


Since our launch in 2013 we have been known for our inclusivity and boldness, being a leader in using real models in our advertising that reflect our customers many shapes, sizes, ethnicities, orientations and ages. 

We extend inclusivity into our designs such as our innovative Adaptive Boyleg, which grew from consultation with customers and experts, to incorporate pull velcro loops making it easier to change the underwear whether standing, sitting or lying down. It’s part of our strategy to make it simpler for people with mobility challenges to manage periods and light incontinence. 

We know collaborations enrich our learning and designs.  Our work with Indigenous designer Keisha Thomason of Leon Designs was a highlight and our ongoing partnership with Hoxton Industries, who bundle our donations, create opportunities for people who face barriers to mainstream employment.