The New Way To Period

The New Way To Period

We are so excited to share our new campaign - The New Way to Period.

We decided to make this film to show womxn that periods are normal and that they now have better, more sustainable options than eco-damaging reusables.

Historically, people have been taught to feel uncomfortable, unnatural and gross about their periods, and this film inspires us to break down those barriers and empower women to feel however they want to feel, because there is a new way to period with Modibodi.

Modibodi underwear have been designed to eliminate or completely replace the need for disposables. The average person uses over 11,000 disposable products during their menstrual lifetime, but there is a better option available to you than planet-damaging, uncomfortable and inconvenient disposables. With a range of different absorbencies depending on your flow, our period underwear are made with breathable fabrics and our Modifier Technology® that is super slim (only 3mm!), super absorbent, stain and odour resistant. Keeping you dry, confident and leak free.

Representing a diverse range of people is integral to the Modibodi brand and important to our community. We have loved working with such an incredible range of people to bring our campaign to life. Please meet Jelina, Rowan, Nancy, Audley and Georgia and hear what they have to say about Modibodi and The New Way to Period.


Nancy: I loved being a part of this campaign, working with a Director (Dani Pearce) and also with a diverse range of people, with different bodies and different genders. Also, showing blood on screen is great, because it’s real - I mean, without it, would we even be here?

Georgia & Audley

A: I was thrilled to do the Modibodi campaign because I feel like they really represent periods as they are, they don’t sugar coat it.

G: I think it’s about time we had some new ideas for periods.


Rowan: What I love about Modibodi instead of a disposable product is, I try to be as eco and ethical as possible, so I think the wastage factor is huge and as a society we can be more conscious of that. But for periods it’s a comfort thing as well, so it’s nice to have that working in tandem.


Jelina: I’m not a typical sized model, but I’m more like a majority of the women in the world anyway and that’s what I like representing, I love that about Modibodi, it’s embracing.

Our aim at Modibodi is to create a conversation about the 'overflowing' amount of waste that disposable products create and to show that there is a better choice for managing your period & leaks that is reusable, comfortable and supportive. We want to normalise the sight of blood and other period ‘taboos' that we do not normally see in the media, as we have been taught to feel shame and to be ‘secretive’ when it comes to our periods - we say it's time a for a new way to period.

Take a peek at our behind the scenes footage of our campaign and see why we felt it was so important to talk about the new way to period.

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