Supporting Sustainable Choices Scheme

Supporting Sustainable Choices Scheme

Dec 11, 2020sophie nelson

Hey Penrith people! Are you a Modibodi fan, or have been wanting to try? Now’s the time to grab a pair. Penrith City Council is offering a rebate up to $100 for period and leak-proof undies as part of their Supporting Sustainable Choices Scheme - now that’s something we can get behind!

Reusable items not only prevent pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and divert large amounts of waste from landfill, they save individuals and families a lot of money.

-Did you know the average person uses 11,000 menstrual disposable products in their lifetime?

-Disposables often contain plastics and can take 500-800 years to breakdown in landfill, longer when they end up in the ocean.

-It's estimated that over 100 billion menstrual disposables end up in landfill annually

That’s why Penrith Council is offering a rebate as part of the Supporting Sustainable Choices Scheme for reusable nappy and reusable sanitary products to eligible Penrith Local Government Area (LGA) residents.

How does it work?

From Monday 12 October 2020, Penrith Council is offering a trial rebate program for reusable nappy and sanitary products.

As part of this program, a 50% rebate is available on eligible items, with a maximum rebate of $100 for reusable cloth nappies and/or reusable sanitary items available per household.

To find out more and to apply, head to their website here

We think this is fantastic scheme and we'd love to see other council get behind it! Do you know of any other council that are offering this? Drop us an email and let us know!

Alternatively, why not email your local council and encourage them to jump on board? Save the planet, save your money - win, win!

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