How To Period Like A Unicorn With Lucy Peach

How To Period Like A Unicorn With Lucy Peach

So you have a period! Congratulations and welcome to the club x

If I could, I would pop in right now, with a hot water bottle, a never ending supply of your favourite chocolate and a handbook on how to love yourself best all month long. I’d probably be riding a unicorn and we’d press our faces against your bedroom window in a totally non weird way and then magically convince your parents to let you go on a menstrual holiday, where you could loll about for a few days on a hammock under palm trees, read books, eat chocolate and ride unicorns for light exercise at sunset.

Believe it or not, the power that comes with your period is equally magical. But as a girl, our bodies can feel pretty mysterious sometimes. There’s so much we can’t see! Make a fist with your hand and place it on your belly, between your hip bones, nice and low- and this is where your womb is. I like to think of the word ‘womb’ as being a cross between ‘woman’ and ‘room’ and this my friend - is where all the magic happens. Sometimes its messy and sometimes it hurts but I promise you, the more love you can send to this part of your body - the better. For now, I’m working on the handbook (stay tuned!!) and still waiting for my pet unicorn to materialise, so in the meantime - my most ardent wish is for you to know these three things;

1. Your menstrual cycle is so much more than just whether you have your period or not. And it’s called a cycle for a reason - because you actually have four hormonal phases throughout the month, just like the seasons. These phases affect how you feel physically, emotionally and socially - they affect everything! Watch this TEDx talk to know more.

2. Your cycle is unique to you. And so are your phases. The best way to learn about them is to use an app or a journal to note how you’re feeling physically and emotionally each day. After three months or so - you will start to have a pretty good picture of how your body works and you will soon learn what to expect throughout your month. This might sound weird, but talk to your body and more importantly listen to it. What is it that you need? Some quiet time alone? To be in nature with bare feet? Some hot nourishing food? A good chat with a friend? Pay attention to what your body is telling you and you’ll be rewarded. When you first start menstruating it can take quite a while for your cycle to settle in, so be patient and kind with yourself. And lastly,

3. Your cycle is your super power! And you are going to have around 500 of these cycles in your life - so learn how to use them! Use your powers for good or whatever you bleeding well like because they are YOURS.

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