Giving Back in 2019

Giving Back in 2019

Guess what? Half the Worlds’ population menstruates. These people deserve safe access to sanitary products. While some may take this for granted, there are many disadvantaged people and communities that do not have access, lack education, or cannot afford basic sanitary products. In India, 70% of women can’t afford sanitary products, in Uganda 50% girls miss school due to periods, in Ethiopia, 65% of women do not receive any education about menstruation.

Here at Modibodi we want to reach as many of these people as we can!

This is how we have helped in 2019:

Give - A - Pair

Domestic and family violence is the principal cause of homelessness for women and their children in Australia. There are 1000’s of women living in shelters with many having little money and/or no access to feminine hygiene. Modibodi’s Give-A-Pair program aims to provide these women with period underwear that is sustainable and reusable, and to empower them in times of need. For every $25 of a 'virtual pair' purchased, Modibodi donated two pairs of period underwear to women’s shelters across Australia.

Inkind Direct

In July this year we launched a partnership with InKind Direct to bring reusable sanitary products to communities that need it most. Over 1,500 Modibodi items have been donated so far! 64 charitable organisations have benefited across the UK, including 17 communities groups, 9 family welfare organisations and 5 disability support charities amongst more essential services. We look forward to continuing working together in 2020!

US / Mexico Refugee Border

Also in July, we partnered with in the US and became part of the Menstrual Movement Coalition. are responsible for initiating National Period Day with 61 rallies across 50 states. In November this year we worked together to deliver 177 pairs of Modibodi underwear to the US/Mexico Border. The humanitarian crisis at the border now has migrants in squalors in dangerous Mexican border towns, many without access to sanitary products. These donations have reached those in need of sanitary products which are also reusable to minimise costs and use of disposables.

Batase Village Hostel
We were able to drop off pairs of Modibodi underwear for disadvantaged girls at Batase Village Hostel in Nepal. Extra pairs were left with the house mothers to distribute and educate the younger girls when they got their periods. In some parts of Nepal, menstruation is still taboo and some girls are shunned during their cycle as it is considered 'inpure'.

"My daughter and I can’t thank you enough for your donation of Modibodi’s to the Batase Village Hostel. While we were visiting the hostel we were able to talk to the young girls there about periods and introduce them to your fantastic product. The girls were absolutely over the moon and were so excited to try them out! One of them had even seen period underwear advertised on the internet, but of course was out of the question for them due to money and location."

-Carol and Jade Rheeder

Sustainable Period Project

We first partnered with Sustainable Period Project in June 2018 and have had an ongoing relationship since. In 2019, we donated 1510 pairs of undies, providing schools and health professionals with a free Resource Kit to facilitate discussions about modern sustainable sanitary options. Each kit contains samples of biodegradable disposable pads, reusable period underpants, reusable cloth pads, menstrual cups, videos and activities that can be used for classroom education for years to come. The Sustainable Period Project aims to provide Resource Kits to all secondary schools by 2020.


In December we partnered with Good360 during our 12 Days of Christmas where for every pair bought, we matched and donated one pair to an organisation in need. Through this, we were able to support 15 organisations around Australia including Wise Angel Foundation, Heart & Soul Community Group and The Salvation Army amongst many others.

Australian Defence Force

In November, we partnered with the Australian Defence Force to reach those in need in rural Australian communities; including Yandeyarra, Lockhart River and Kowanyama. In these rural communities purchasing sanitary items is not only expensive but also very limiting due to the lack of infrastructure and remoteness of the communities.

Village of Gelugur

We provided some Modibodi underwear to the women and girls in the Village of Gelugur, North Sumatra. This helped keep the girls in school while they had their periods every month. It also helped reduce the amount of waste ending up in their fragile ecosystem.

"My team and I delivered the underwear to a forest edge community recently and they were so incredibly grateful. I met with the local women and also the head of the village who expressed so much gratitude for your wonderful support.... It was a mammoth effort to get them into such a remote place and I've attached some images showing our journey. Huge thanks for your
incredible support of this community in need, it is so needed and so appreciated."

- Amy Robbins, Sumatran Ranger Project

Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections

We donated 50 pairs of Modibodi undies to the community organisation Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections in Sydney. These were then distributed in backpacks and handbags for homeless women and teenagers within the local community. This was part of their ‘share the dignity’ campaign.

"Again thank you so much for providing us with these undies, I am very passionate about helping homeless women and teens and these undies are just a fantastic way of helping a woman in the long term"

-Eva Kovacevic, Operartions Manager Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections


In 2020, we look forward to partnering with these organisations and many more to reach even more families and communities in need. Together we can educate, donate and work towards ending period poverty around the World!

If you want to help donate a pair please head to: /products/modibodi-give-pair

Because having a period should be manageable.

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