Empowering women with a purchase

Empowering women with a purchase

Our mission at Modibodi was not just about designing innovative underwear, we wanted to empower women & create products that build confidence and give women the freedom to live a better life.

For many women in need, basic sanitary hygiene is not available and in third world countries these women are unable to get basic human rights like education and employment. For other women including the homeless, women of domestic violence living in shelters, and women in prison the cost and accessibility is prohibitive which impacts their dignity and ability to gain employment.

We are proud to say we have two partnerships with two initiatives who are 100% dedicated to helping these women. I have spoken to the women behind these groups and their passion is why change is possible.

Days For Girls Australia (DFGA) DFGA’s aim is for every woman to have access to feminine hygiene. Part of their work includes encouraging volunteers to contribute towards and produce reusable feminine hygiene kits.

Share the Dignity More recently, our eyes were opened to the plight of homeless women and women of domestic violence through the initiative Share The Dignity. Many of these women cannot afford or cannot access feminine hygiene. Their aim is for all Australians to work together and donate products to help these women gain dignity at that time of the month.

So what are we doing? Already Modibodi has donated over 100 pairs of period underpants to Days For Girls Australia. This month we will donate another 100 underpants to the women of domestic violence living in shelters, and towards women in prison, so they can use these items as back-up protection against period onset and spotting or as protection on light days or for lighter periods.

We also offer our underwear to the initiatives to use at fundraising events.

Purchase Power But none of this would be possible without your help. For every purchase you make, we donate funds towards the initiatives that we can use to produce more underwear. You can also purchase a Share The Dignity voucher directly on our website that will be credited towards the production of our underpants .aushop/gift-card/share-the-dignity-vouchers/

We ask that you Like and Share the Facebook pages of Days For Girls Australia and Share The Dignity.

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