Diversity and Inclusion

Together we are stronger

We see you, and we support you. Our products and campaigns are designed to represent and recognise real people, and we design innovative products for those with unique needs.

Since launching in 2013 we’ve used diverse models and customers in our imagery to represent a broad range of sizes, ethnicities, orientations and ages.

To create our innovative Adaptive Boyleg, our designers consulted with customers and experts, then incorporated pull velcro loops to make it easy to change underwear whether standing, sitting or lying down. It’s part of our strategy to make it simpler for people with mobility challenges to manage periods and light incontinence more sustainably.

We work with those less able. Our partner, Hoxton Industries, employs people who face barriers to mainstream employment to repackage our donatable stock into bundle packs which we distribute through our charity partners to those who could otherwise not access our products.


Collaboration enriches our learning and designs, and in 2021 we were excited to launch our first collaboration with Indigenous designer Keisha Thomason of Leon Design.

Period Conversations

We champion conversations promoting real, honest, open, positive conversations about health issues – including periods, incontinence and menopause. We’re about breaking taboos and reducing body shame, stigma and isolation (but sadly not cramps!) for every body.

We want young people expecting their first period to know what’s happening to their body, and to feel confident and comfortable managing their menstrual cycle and enjoying everyday activities with their period – including school and sports.

We want men and women experiencing incontinence to feel confident to fully participate in life and women in menopause to know that it is not something to be feared or ignored, you will get through it.

Gen M, everything you need to know about menopause.

Care For People

In 2021 we launched our paid Menstruation, Menopause and Miscarriage Leave policy, and we’re proud to be one of the few Australian-based companies to acknowledge the needs of women in the workplace. This policy offers support and understanding on the days when physical or emotional symptoms may make it difficult to be at work.

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