DJ Tigerlily On Living Sustainably

DJ Tigerlily On Living Sustainably

Most of you probably know DJ Tigerlily, but did you know her real name is Dara and as well as being a DJ, she is also a producer and wellness enthusiast.

Earlier this year we reached out to see if she would be interested in testing out our vegan range:

"Not going to lie, I was sceptical at first about using them. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disgusted at the thought of period undies. It's been years since I've been able to tolerate pads, and I had this preconceived idea of it being a big, adult nappy filled with blood. But, to my surprise, my experience has been far from that. I was shocked to see they were just like a normal pair of black underwear. However, these babies hold some secret power - zero leaks, no more bulkiness and leaving you feeling completely dry.⁠

I'm your every day Aussie girl, ocean loving, yoga doing, health and wellness enthusiast who wears activewear on a daily basis. I grew up in Maroubra Beach, Sydney, for me this will always be my happy place and growing up here helped stem who I am today and my love for nature and health.

Living sustainably has become a fundamental aspect of my life. From the food I eat, to the products I use, it is super important that I work towards reducing my footprint as much as possible. One way I have achieved this is by following a plant-based lifestyle. This means I do not consume or use any animal product or by-product.

There is a direct correlation between being plant-based and climate change. The dire effects of animal agriculture on our planet is reiterated by The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). In 2018, they claimed the greenhouse gas footprint of animal agriculture rivals that of all the buses, ships, planes, cars, trucks and rocketships combined. It is really crazy to think that the food we consume can negatively contribute to the future of our world. However, what is even crazier is that we have the power to help revert this through simply changing what we eat.

The thing that was a big drawcard for me to Modibodi was the sustainable aspect. Now that Modibodi has released an entire vegan collection, they're more sustainable than ever. The average woman will use an estimated 11,000 disposable hygiene products. Thankfully, this is an easy place where we can reduce our impact - using period underwear will save you thousands of dollars and drastically reduce your imprint on our planet

It's important for us to look after our home. We need to protect it for future generations to come. At the end of the day, there is no planet B."

Have you tried our vegan range? Just like our regular undies but they don't contain wool!

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