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This week we celebrate Mother's & Others' for who they are, and all they do.

From bedtime stories to break-ups, sage advice (welcome or not) to Sunday dinners, close bonds to conflict, for most of us, our relationship with Mum (and those like mums) is special.  


A message from the original
Modibodi Mum
… Kristy Chong

A mum-of-four on a mission, our founder and CEO Kristy started Modibodi back in 2011 because of the physical changes she experienced after giving birth. So you could say motherhood made Modibodi…kind of.


Inside the IVF experience

Motherhood isn’t all sunshine and roses and the road to get there can be rocky. Hear how foster mums Jessi and Millie managed the ups and downs of IVF on their unique journey to pregnancy and future parenthood.


The Modibodi HQ team share their own moments with Mum

Check out some of our team’s most memorable moments with mum.

Alysha & Mum

Best memories with mum growing up?
My mum is an artist, so she spent a lot of time with us doing arts and crafts, painting, drawing, pottery, paper mache etc. and giving us the freedom to explore our creativity and imagination.  

Best advice from mum?
“Some people take life too seriously, and won’t understand why you don’t as well, but never let them steal your joy.”

Do you think you have the same characteristics as your mum?
Definitely! We have a very similar sense of humour, but we’re also both a bit stubborn at times. That made for some interesting mother-daughter quarrels when I was a teen!  

What’s a life skill you have learnt from the way your mum raised you?
My mum made a point of ensuring I could look after myself from quite a young age – both in terms of domestic living (cooking, cleaning etc.), and in terms of handling emotions and conflict in a healthy manner, something I’m constantly grateful for (though, still constantly working on!)

Grace & Mum

Best memories with mum growing up? 
All my best memories with mum growing up involve the beach, the sun, and a whole lotta ice-cream 😂 

Best advice from mum? 
This is a tough one! She always knows what to say and when to say it. Definitely can’t pick her best out of such a long list!  

What song best describes your mum? 
Currently our mantra is definitely Woman – Kesha (lol) 
But her go-to in life is Dancing Queen – ABBA  

Do you think you have the same characteristics as your mum? 
Absolutely. I used to get annoyed at all her little habits, but as I’ve grown up I’m realising how many of them I’ve picked up haha!  

What’s a life skill you have learnt from the way your mum raised you? 
Definitely my ability to empathise with other people. I get that from her 10000%. 

Demanie & Mum

Best memories with mum growing up?
I have so many amazing memories with my mum, to choose one is very difficult! Growing up mum was always organising mini family get aways; at the time they just seemed like “fun” for me, but in my later years I realised mum was creating memories for us to remember forever.  

Best advice from mum?
If you don’t try, you don’t succeed. 

What song best describes your mum?  
Celine Dion - “Because you loved me” 

Do you think you have the same characteristics as your mum?
People tell me I look just like my mum, although I don’t see it! My mum is such a strong woman and I definitely got this characteristic from her. 

What’s a life skill you have learnt from the way your mum raised you?
Mum always encouraged us to never give up when things got hard; she certainly taught us hard work pays off! 

Heidi & Mum

Best memories with mum growing up?
Mum picking me up from my pretty conventional private school in top to toe red leather when the other mums wore navy blazers and fob chains. I was probably embarrassed at the time but now I love that she ran her own race.  

What song best describes your mum?  
‘Boys from the bush’ is her favourite - she’s a country fan from way back. As for a song which describes her, maybe ‘Party like it’s 1999’ - Mum loves a party.

Best advice from mum?  
Mum isn’t big on advice, she lets you make your own decisions. she’d never say ‘good luck’ as she said luck has nothing to do with it.

Do you think you have the same characteristics as your mum?
We can both talk underwater, we’ve always got multiple projects on the go (can’t sit still) and we both look for the positive in any situation. 

What’s a life skill you have learnt from the way your mum raised you?
Not caring about what others think, and that a jar of Nutella with a spoon is as good a dinner as anything else.

Kara & Mum

Best memories with mum growing up?
Scrapbooking every life event together ❤  

Best advice from mum?
You can say ‘No’ without any explanation.  

What song best describes your mum?
Your Song – The Ewan McGregor version (her favourite) OR The Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston (my favourite for her)

Do you think you have the same characteristics as your mum? 
Yes, in so many ways… But most prominently our emotions. We’ll both tear up at the smallest joys, like a reallllly good cappuccino.

What’s a life skill you have learnt from the way your mum raised you?
Resilience and growth 💪 She’s overcome so many challenges, and continues to always have an amazing attitude.

Q&A with a first-time Mum

We put brand new mum Sara in the hot seat on her first-ever Mother’s Day to chat the good, the bad and the unexpected (and sometimes ugly) parts of new motherhood.  

  1. What’s the best bit about being a mum?
    Watching my baby learn each day and being lucky enough to have her face light up when she sees me.
  1. What’s the hardest part?
    Knowing that you’re doing the right thing for your child. Motherhood can bring a lot of self doubt, but ultimately I see that she is happy and loved and that’s all that matters.
  3. What do you wish you knew before you became a Mum?
    Every baby is their own person, they won’t do things the same, so don’t let books or blogs or advice from others deter you from what you know is right. Listen to your gut and your baby, because they know what they need and when!
  5. What’s been the most unexpected part?
    How amazing our bodies are, through pregnancy and afterwards - mine has given me stamina I didn’t know I had.
  7. Does your parenting style reflect the way you were raised? Or have you chosen to do things differently?
    So far, yes (she’s only 9 weeks!). My parents raised me to be able to be who I wanted, there wasn’t ever any pressure to act or be a certain way, I was free to be creative. But they also raised me to be respectful and gave me boundaries. I hope to do the same with my daughter; after all, it feels good to break your parents rules sometimes :D
  9. Which do you think is/will be harder – looking after babies/toddlers or looking after teens?
    I think raising a teen will be tough, especially if she’s like me. It’s when strong emotions come into play and young women can be very hard on themselves, whilst rarely reaching out for support. I hope I’ll be able to help her navigate all of that and that she’ll still let me into her world!
  11. What do you love most about your Mum?
  12. Her sense of humour - we always make each other laugh - and her cuddles when I’m feeling down.
  14. How will you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?
    A special lunch at my parents’ place.
  16. What song best describes being a mum to you?
    More than a woman by The Bee Gees is what I sing to my daughter (LOL)

Q&A with single-mum Monica

From nappy explosions to learning compassion, being a single mum can be equal parts rewarding and exhausting.
  1. What’s the best bit about being a mum?
    The best thing about being a mum is having the opportunity to raise and be a part of my daughter’s life watching her grow into her own person.

  3. What’s the hardest part?
    The hardest part of being a single parent is feeling exhausted all the time and not having extra support.

  5. What do you wish you knew before you became a Mum?
    To be honest I wish I knew about nappy explosions lol.

  7. What’s been the most unexpected part?
    The most unexpected part is that Motherhood has made me a more compassionate, strong willed and a focused individual. My daughter has changed my life for the better and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

  9. Does your parenting style reflect the way you were raised?
    There are moments when I say something and instantly think of my mother. My daughters healthy eating habits also reflect how my mother always ensured we had a very healthy diet as kids. However, I have chosen to parent differently in other areas that I experienced as a kid and do not want my daughter to ever experience.

  11. What do you love most about your Mum?
    My mother has been paralysed since I was 15 and she is the strongest person I know. She has taught me how to be the independent person I am today. Mum always puts us first, expressed and shown us her everlasting love in every imaginable way. My mum is not only an amazing mum, she is also an amazing grandmother and has been my biggest support in helping me and my daughter in any way possible.

  13. How will you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?
    Most likely having a quiet day at home. My daughter was born on Mother’s Day so we will most likely be recovering from her birthday party the day before haha.

Q&A with stepmum Susie

From learning to play tooth fairy to memorising the lyrics to Frozen, Susie shares some of the highlights of becoming a stepmum…

  1. Tell us who you’re a step mum to? 
    I am a stepmother to two beautiful girls - Sophia and Olivia. Soph is 8 and Liv is 7.

  3. What’s the best bit about it? 
    The chance to be a role-model to them and to help guide them through the ups and downs of life. I am so grateful for how they have embraced myself and my family in their little lives. They teach me to appreciate the dynamics of different family lives and that it's not always black and white but all different colours.

  5. What’s the hardest part? 
    Learning to let go of all your previous expectations and just appreciate what life throws at you. Life is unexpected and being a step-mother is usually something that happens unexpectedly. It is often not something you learn or think about prior to when it happens; so one of the hardest parts is diving into that journey of acceptance and appreciation.

  7. What do you wish you knew before you became a step mum? 
    I wish I’d watched all the Frozen movies before! Also to never wrap the presents from Santa and yourself in the same wrapping paper.

  9. What’s been the most unexpected part? 
    Learning about different parts of yourself that you would not have previously been able to realise before and finding new ways to grow, even if as an adult you thought you had done all the growing already. Oh and realising that it's ok to need time out for yourself.

  11. Any funny moments/stories you’d like to share? 
    Realising that you are the tooth fairy. Knowing that when you write a list of ‘weekend’ activities, you’re committed - all the activities are definitely essential. Laughing at how much kids can eat and wondering where it all ends up. Appreciating that kids seem to be able to swim in any temperature of water - winter or summer; rain or sunny - it doesn’t matter 😊

  13. Are you a disciplinarian – or are you the ‘fun Mum’? 
    Like to think I’m a mix of both; I like being able to offer discipline in a way that gets through but also still allows for a scoop of ice-cream after.

  15. Does your parenting style reflect the way you were raised? Or have you chosen to do things differently?
    What do you mean, I was perfect! Haha I was so blessed to have such an amazing mother myself who was calm, sincere and raised us with selflessness and sincerity. When we grew up my mum had so much trust in my brothers and I that I hope I can give to the girls - when they edge closer to adolescence!

  17. Which do you think is/will be harder – looking after babies/toddlers or looking after teens?
    Oooh I think they all come with their own challenges! I think we are at a really lovely stage where the girls are each other’s best friend and play so independently together which gives my husband and I some time however I think should a new baby come on the scene, that will give a whole new definition to ‘time management’ and meal-prep. The teen years will be easy right?!!!!

  19. What do you love most about your Mum and why?
    My mum is the most selfless lady I know. She lives for her family and I only hope that I display and instil to the girls some of her qualities. There is nothing too little or too big to ask of her and she will always go out of her way to check in, cook a meal or stay home on the off chance we may drop in for a cup of tea.

  21. Will you celebrate Mother’s Day this year? If so, how? 
    Oh yes, I’d love to drop in to see my mum and possibly go to brunch; something that doesn’t happen as much as it used to😉

Motherless Daughters Australia

We want to acknowledge that Mothers' Day can be a difficult time for many. If you are a motherless daughter and find this to be a challenging time, you can head to Motherless Daughters Australia for support and to connect with a community of over 5000 women who truly understand the impact of mother loss.

MDA is a not for profit organisation that represents, informs, supports and connects women, girls and children whose mums have died. MDA helps us navigate the everyday, including life’s key milestones without the support of our mum.

"Mothers' Day is a beautiful day that is celebrated by many, but for approx. 3.7 million Australian females who’ve lost their mum, it looks a little different and is celebrated in our own individual and unique way. Whilst Mothers' Day is a special day to celebrate and honour amazing women, I am acutely aware of all those, like me, who are living without their mum. As an MDA Ambassador, I would love your help in reaching these women and girls this Mothers' Day so that they too, can get the comforting support I’ve been able to receive through MDA. It might just make them feel less isolated and alone at this challenging time. "

- BIANCA, ambassador to Motherless Daughter Australia