Why do our boobs sweat?

Why do our boobs sweat?

So, why exactly do our boobs sweat?

Well, taking a step back and getting into the nitty gritty of how sweat works in general, anytime skin touches skin, sweat can shine. The evaporation of sweat can only happen where there’s airflow, so breasts are super prone to getting sweaty – especially for those with larger breasts or ones that droop.  

And when humidity, heat, friction and bad air circulation come into play, your boobs usually don’t stand a chance! Sweat evaporation is blocked with bells on, and the areas under or between your breasts can get sweatier than ever. 

Can hormones cause sweaty boobs?

While environmental and external factors are the biggest factors for sweaty boobs, sometimes it can be triggered by hormonal issues, too. If you’ve noticed your boos are sweatier than usual or your notice a new smell alongside your sweat, you might find talking to a dermatologist helpful. 

Is boob sweat anything to worry about?

While sweaty boobs are 100% natural and occur in the majority of those with boobs at one point or another, sweaty boobs can sometimes lead to more serious concerns. Things like chafing or underboob rashes can happen in those with sweaty breasts, particularly if your breasts are bigger. Symptoms can include red skin or a rash that’s itchy, painful or irritable. You might even feel burning sensations because of broken skin – ouch!  

What can you do about boob sweat?

From Argan oil, to baby powder, wearing black and ditching the bras altogether, there’s a number of ways you can reduce how much your boobs sweat and the things that come with it. But there’s no better way to nip sweaty boobs in the bud than our new Sweat-Proof Bra. Modibodi is proud to have a patent-pending technology called MODIDRY™, which whips sweat into shape and uses moisture-wicking technology to make sweaty boobs a thing of the past. Our Sweat-proof Bra can hold up to 20ml of sweat, with the soft Merino Wool working wonders at wicking away moisture to keep you cool, dry and fresh all day. Yay! 

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