Essentials for the On-The-Go Woman - Tips for Packing like a Pro

Essentials for the On-The-Go Woman - Tips for Packing like a Pro

Girl on the move and girl on a mission. There are some things we just can't live without, those little saviours that we use on a daily basis and can't imagine ever parting with. Well there's no reason they should be left at home while you're packing up for your next travel adventure.

We all fall victim to the “I’m away for 4 nights but need to pack for 4 months” mentality. And it can be difficult deciding what is and isn't important when you're leaving home.

Whether its Paris in spring, hitchhiking through Europe or camping in the mountains of Nepal, there are some things that every travelling gal needs.

We thought about what we all need during the flight, and what we need when we land.

Modibodi HQ discussed our travel necessities - and have shared some of the below with you.

Lucy - Customer Service and Social Media Assistant

A hairbrush, I made the mistake of not taking mine once and returned with a hair full of knots! I also love the Classic Air Bikini, as I walk a lot when I travel and it keeps me feeling great all day, even in extreme heat.

Liana - Marketing & Public Relations Manager

An all in one balm is my travel essential! My skin gets very dehydrated when travelling and this helps me keep hydrated and fresh. I also love our Active Air brief as a “refresher” post travel!

Kristy - Founder

I need to have my toothbrush, because I just cannot stand the feeling after a long flight of dirty teeth. For me brushing my teeth, makes me feel fresh again. I also wear a pair of Classic Bikini’s to ensure I stay fully protected and fresh from those unexpected bladder leaks.

In - Flight

  • Multi Purpose travel bag - big enough to fit all the necessities but not so big it can't fit under the seat! Something with handy little compartments so you can find it when the plane lights go down. We love Prene Bags at Modibodi.
  • We cannot stress it enough - moisture, moisture, moisturise!! Burts Bees or Lanolips feels great on the lips and lasts a long time. A mini hand and body lotion will come in handy too
  • Roll on deodorant - we can all feel a little less than fresh when we get off a plane, so it's nice to have a little deo in your bag to freshen up with before you get off and shower!
  • Face wipes - there's often times when we can't be bothered removing our makeup properly but don't want to sleep with it on our face. Wipes with green tea are great for soothing skin.
  • Water bottle - buy one as you pass through security. Planes are the worst for making you feel dry and dehydrated so take little sips throughout the flight
  • Ankle exercises - did you know your feet actually swell when you fly due to the altitude and pressure? Roll your ankles around every hour and wiggle your toes, this way you'll be able to fit into your shoes when the plane lands!
  • Change of clothes - clean shirt and of course your trusty Modibodi underpants. These are an absolute saviour for travel, as you can wear them from the early morning to the late evening and feel fresh, dry and protected all day long. Try the Classic Full Brief or the Classic Bikini for the ultimate comfort and protection.

    Other Travel Necessities for arriving at your destination Travel map App - A really good idea so you can spend less time arguing over which way is North and get straight to the sightseeing!

    Notebook/Journal - something to write down daily thoughts in, interesting things you’ve seen and eaten, and things you'd still like to see!

    Emergency Kit - stain stick, safety pins, hair ties and bobby pins (how do these little things always manage to go missing?) Sunscreen, bug spray, earplugs, deodorant (did we already say that? It’s important)

    A toiletries bag you love - some people prefer having everything compartmentalized, while others like to have everything in one main middle part. Whichever you prefer, just make sure it works for you

    Your most comfortable bra - Often underestimated but really important. You’ll be moving around a lot and making the most of each day so ensure you're feeling secure. The Modibodi Active Crop Top are perfect for the active woman as they are comfortable and supportive but can also be flat packed which makes them great for fitting in suitcases. Don’t forget your Modibodi Sensual Boyleg or Sensual Hi Waist to change into when you arrive, so you’re ready to hit the town and see the sights in comfort and style. Not to mention, if you’re camping or staying in a hostel - these are a great companion as they are easy to wash and dry, protecting you from all the elements and your bodies changes!

    Makeup - everyone varies in how much makeup they like to wear. If you’re more of a minimalist, then opt for some light mascara and BB cream or tinted moisturiser, but try to only pack the things you’re likely to use each day

    Trusted Tips:

    1. Pack things you can wear more than once - your faithful pair of jeans, a variety of plain tops that can be layered and mix matched together, a comfortable pair of shoes
    2. Buy travel sized toiletries - you can get cute little shampoos, conditioners and body washes in a pack at Priceline- alternatively if you stay somewhere you can usually find them in the bathroom - so don't fall victim to bringing a full bottle of shampoo to rinse and repeat with!
    3. Roll your clothes instead of folding and make use of every crack and crevice in your suitcase - put socks inside shoes and roll your underwear and shoes up to line the bottom of your case with

    If you want more in-depth packing necessities for the jet setting woman, then have a look here

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