A bloody convenient time to try period undies #tamponshortage

A bloody convenient time to try period undies #tamponshortage

Have you noticed a lack of tampons on the shelves? Some people on Tiktok claiming they paid $114USD for a box of 18 Tampax on Amazon in the US – yikes! Even John Oliver was talking about the shortage on his show Last Week Tonight.

What's causing it? Although some people have jokingly pointed the finger at Amy Schumer’s new campaign with Tampax for the shortage, it’s actually due to increased demand, staffing shortages and raw material shortages that are to blame for the great tampon shortage of 2022.

Yes, tampons & pads are the latest victim of the stressed global supply chain system - thank you pandemic. This is because key materials like plastic and paper are in high demand and low supply. Plus, the supply chain of getting the products where they need to go is also struggling.

This is problematic for many reasons, but accessibility to period care is a huge concern.

Andddd this is tipped to continue into 2023.

  • Proctor & Gamble, who manufacture Tampax, said that it was still having trouble sourcing raw materials for their period products, getting them to the places that need them, and getting products on trucks to retailers.
  • The Organic Project makes tampons in Europe and said the cost of getting its tampons to the U.S. is up 300% from last year. The company started flying, rather than shipping, the biodegradable wrappers for its products from Italy because shipping has become so difficult and expensive.
  • Dove has claimed severe shortage of staff for both employees and vendors, has meant lack of products being manufactured and distributed.

Now, if this hasn't sparked your interest to make the switch to period undies, here are three other reasons:

  1. They're comfier. Just pop on a pair and go! You might even forget you have your period. Our undies are made from responsibly sourced premium fabrics that are breathable and let your body go with its natural flow, instead of clogging it up.
  2. They're better for the planet. Tampons and pads contain plastic and other materials that take 500-800 years to break down! That means that the first tampon you EVER used is still in landfill somewhere!
  3. They're cheaper in the long run. Each pair of Modibodi last three years! How much do you spend per month on disposables? Add that together for the 12 months of the year and then times it by 3.

Spend $30 on a pair of our undies that’ll absorb your period and lasts up to 3+ years' worth of periods.

The better option for your period, your wallet and the planet.

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