From historical periods to menstrual periods – the evolution of women’s underwear

From historical periods to menstrual periods – the evolution of women’s underwear

Modibodi wants to take you back in time, a little history lesson if you will. All about the evolution of underwear!

While we think underwear is a really basic thing, they’re actually really important as we use them everyday, we wake up in the morning, and put on underwear and we don’t really think much of it. In actual fact, our undies have changed drastically over time – evolving with changing fashion trends and historical periods.

1920’s – Step into the world of “step-ins.” this little chemise style was popular among young flappers. These could be decorated with lace or ribbon flowers, and were delicately made. This era also saw the introduction of lingerie, where previously plain and simple undergarments became decorative and more revealing.

1930’s – Gear up for girdles. Corsets were still commonly worn during this era but girdles were quickly taking their place. New stretchy elastic fabrics created smooth body girdles to flatten out the figure.

1940’s – A place for panties. This era was the introduction of the panty or what might be known to some today as granny panties or the Bridget Jones style. Underwear was now becoming shorter which were shorter on the leg but still quite high cut, sometimes looking more like little shorts.

1950’s – The time of the hourglass. Girdles helped women achieve the much sought after “hourglass” figure for this era. These girdles could also hook onto stocking garters for a real pin up look and silk was a very popular material.

1960’s –Nylon is next. Lace and stretch fabrics underwent a serious transformation. Beginning with the full brief, then cutting lower into hip huggers and ending with the classic bikini style we know today. These were popular for their form fit and smooth lines.

1970s- Ain’t nothing wrong with a little thong. The humble thong was immensely popular, showing off a little more skin and baring that bum. Some believe it resembles the original loincloth – maybe underwear hasn’t changed much at all! Hipster style pants (commonly known as the boy leg) also became popular and were available in various prints and colours.

1980’s – Say hi to high cut. Jane Fonda and her workout video influence saw the introduction of the high rise.

1990’s – Branding became big. The introduction of underwear from the likes of Calvin Klein made it popular for brands to display their name around the waist band. This became not only a great marketing tool but also hugely symbolic.

2000’s – The noughties saw the beginning of the cheeky whale tale. With underwear and g strings being pulled up to the hip and visible from the top of low rise jeans.

So where are we now? The era of evolution is here!

Modibodi has combined all eras to create our revolutionary performance underwear. Performance underwear we hear you ask? Yes, underwear that does more than just be worn. Performance underwear is hi-tech, moisture wicking, odour absorbing leak- proof underwear Our range is comfortable, stylish and functional. It’s friendly to the environment by reducing landfill created with the use of disposable sanitary items. Modibodi is cost effective (goodbye pantyliners and disposable hygiene. Not to mention, they just look and feel great and designed for the promotion of self love and confidence in your own skin.

Our variety of styles is inclusive of all the eras of underwear. From 2000’s with our Full Brief for that little bit of extra coverage and support. The 1940s bikini style and the 1970’s Boyleg style, not to mention our cheeky thong and active range!

These styles are all still very popular and fashionable, we’ve simply developed, modified and given them a modern facelift to improve them just that little bit more!

What makes Modibodi stand out from previous styles, is that it is a high technology period underwear. Made from natural fibres such as bamboo and merino wool. They are made with our patented Modifier Technology which ensures they are moisture wicking , naturally antimicrobial , stain and odour resistant, Modibodi garments really do have it all. We are in the era of an underwear revolution, and our period panties promise to deliver everything you expect from them and more.

Each underwear era is revolutionary in its own right, and Modibodi and founder Kristy Chong hope to contribute to the progression of women’s underwear by constantly striving to create products that are comfortable, fashionable, and practical.

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