Sleeping with Confidence

Sleeping with Confidence

It’s time to get cosy!

There’s nothing quite as exciting as slipping into a freshly made bed with a cup of tea and your favourite book whilst the world is dark outside.

Whether you have your sleeping ritual organised or are still working on turning off the screen before you go to bed, we have your back.

A Sleep Foundation Report has recently found that sleeplessness costs Australia $26.2 billion a year, including a health bill of $1.8 billion, lost productivity costs of $17.9 billion and other financial costs, such as home carer costs, of $6.5 billion. The estimated loss of well-being costs of $40.1 billion and the annual sleep bill comes in at a whopping $66.3 billion.

We want you to sleep with confidence and are sharing some of our essential items that we really can’t do without.

  1. Tonic Australia’s Heat Pillow

We love this little heat pillow, it’s perfect for relieving any aches and pains you’ve had throughout the day. Draped over your shoulder or even doubled as a heat pack for when you have bad period cramps, this product is a real keeper. It’s a great way to relax whilst you enjoy your tea.

  1. The Goodnight Co Silk Pillow Case
We love these anti-sleep crease pillow cases that also keep your hair shiny and frizz free. The perfect pillow to settle into and enjoy a snooze.
  1. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This works, really, it’s not only the name of the brand but this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is something we can’t live without. Made with 100% natural essential oils of lavender, vetivert and wild chamomile to settle nerves, this really promotes a better sleep.

  1. Modibodi’s Seamfree Overnight Full Brief

Made by yours truly, these overnight undies are perfect for giving you the confidence to sleep through the night and not wake up to a stain on your favourite sheets. We want to protect you from all of the challenges and mishaps that can come with being a woman. Feel protected, we’ve got you covered.

  1. LUSH Cosmetics Sleepy Creme

This pot of creme is so rare that when you finally get it, it’s like receiving Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. Made with a gentle oatmeal infusion, lavender and tonka absolute, this creme will blanket your skin in an enriching protective layer, making your ready for your best nights sleep yet.

  1. The Sleep Revolution

Find out why you aren’t sleeping. Considering we spend over a third of our lives asleep we want to encourage you to get the best night’s sleep possible. Huffington’s eye opening book on how to transform your life a night at a time will be riveting and ensure your best sleep yet!

Enjoy the rest of those cosy winter nights and enjoy slipping in between the sheets and into your dreams.

Sleep with Modibodi here.

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