5 Easy Ways You Can Reduce Your Ecological Impact Before Earth Hour

5 Easy Ways You Can Reduce Your Ecological Impact Before Earth Hour

We’re coming up to Earth Hour, the 60 minutes where the world shuts off all the lights, tech and electricity. This initiative was set up by the World Wide Fund to encourage businesses, communities and individuals alike to switch off non-essential electricity for one hour as a sign of commitment for the environment.

While we hope you all have your alarms set for 8:30pm to 9:30pm on Saturday 30th March, we have a few handy tips on how to reduce your ecological impact before Earth Hour – so you can be a real environment overachiever!

Here are five immensely easy ways to reduce your environmental footprint:

Up Your Actual Footprint

When you’re thinking about limiting your impact on the environment, the easiest way to change your day-to-day output is to trade in the daily drive for a long walk to work instead. While your car will pump a bunch of bad fuels into the environment whenever it’s driven, the morning commute in peak traffic has the most impact – so if you can, ditch the drive for a stroll instead.


If getting rid of the car is too complicated then why not try carpooling? Pair up with a few neighbours or colleagues to share the load of the commute. Half the fuel, half the damage.

Line Dry

While tumble drying may be an appealing option when you simply can’t be bothered hanging everything out, line dry is significantly less damaging. Using no electricity and facilitating the glorious Aussie sunshine to dry off your clothes is the best eco-friendly way to do your laundry.

Actually Unplug Your Appliances

It’s the thing we always say we’re going to do but always seem to forget, but switching off your appliances at the wall and yanking the plugs out of the socket has a big impact on your electrical output. To keep yourself in check, leave a post-it note by your front door reminding you to do your bit for the environment.

Ditch the Disposables

If you want to lower your load in landfill then a simple (and money-saving tactic) is to trade out tampons and pads for sustainable period underwear. With just one bundle pack of Modibodi underwear you can get rid of the 11,000 tampons you were going to use over the course of your life. Win!

Shop bundle packs so you can be prepped before Earth Hour, by clicking here.

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