Modibodi clothing is now GST FREE!

Modibodi clothing is now GST FREE!

Earlier in the year there was a wonderful rally by media companies, individuals, brands and policy makers to make feminine hygiene products GST free. The GST on feminine hygiene products was labelled the #TamponTax and was basically classifying feminine hygiene products as a luxury good. Consequently, Australian women were being charged more for products that are really essential items.

The dramatic increase in conversation about this ridiculous luxury tax pushed the Federal government to release a new Act that dropped the tax, removing GST on all feminine hygiene products. This was a massive win for Australian women.

We were a little nervous at Modibodi HQ that sustainable period underwear would not be included in the Act, but we received news late last year that our leak-proof/absorbent underwear is now GST free!

This is great news for you, our Modibodi customers, as it means our underwear* is now a whole lot cheaper the luxury tax has been axed! 10% cheaper, to be exact.

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate this incredible news now by shopping Modibodi GST FREE!

*Please note - Maternity Singlet, Active Air Bikini, Classic Air Bikini, activewear and swimwear and Wet/Dry Bag still have GST.

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