Period-proof festival style

Period-proof festival style

Music festivals are fun. Getting your period at one of them? Not so much. Think about it: you get through the agonisingly slow wait for a Portaloo, unravel the 0.5 ply toilet paper graciously provided only to discover you have bled through your fave festy pants. Well, we see you, we’ve been you, and we are here with a period-proof game plan, so it doesn’t happen again.

Step one: Pick your outfit

Pack like you don’t period, by which we mean: wear whatever you want. 2024 is looking to be the season of fringe, sequins, and flare, so our team will be opting for things like bell-bottom lace pants à la Beyoncé, sequined two pieces à la Taylor Swift Era’s tour and double denim with comfy shoes à la dads everywhere.

Step two: Pack your protection

Let’s face it: wearing pads, tampons, or menstrual cups all day, only to change in a shaky “bathroom” peak-concert is less than ideal. Enter us: your new festival BFF. Pack your fave Modibodi underwear like you would your regular undies, ensuring you have a few different styles and absorbencies to see you through heavier and lighter days. With us on, you’ll be able to enjoy your fave band, without leaving mid-set for an emergency bathroom break.

Step three: Match the undies to the fit

We’re not short of styles here so to keep you going for a weekend of fun, here’s what we recommend:

For all day long fun: Meet the Seamfree Bikini. It’s buttery soft on skin, invisible under clothes and seriously leak-proof. With a cheeky cut and quick-drying material, it’s the perfect base to wear under anything from sheer skirts to tight jeans and relaxed festival fits.

For when you wanna show off your underwear: Our Seamfree Hi-Leg Cheeky in Sunkist Pink is so bright, you’ll basically be a beam of sunshine wherever you go. Wear it on its own or under something sheer to show off your cheeks.

For when you wanna hide those underwear lines: Put on our Seamfree Thong and never look back. It’s luxuriously soft on skin, invisible under clothes and leak-proof as per.

For a decent night’s sleep: Our Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini is so comfortable to sleep in, you won’t even notice your air mattress has deflated until you wake up. With a high-rise cut that’s soft on skin, easy to move in and our patented leak-proof technology built-in, this bikini is the stuff dreams are made of.

Step four: Wash, dry and repeat

Forget about sanitary bins, wearing period undies means no paper, or waste. Simply give your Modibodis a quick rinse under a tap, or with your water bottle after each wear and into our waterproof bag; ready for the washing machine when you’re back home.

Step five: Pat yourself on the back

For finding a way to dance, sleep and repeat at a festival on your period with none of the leaks, fuss, or waste. Go you.


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