Stand-to-pee packer underwear: a brief overview

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The ultimate guide to stand-to-pee packer underwear

Stand-to-pee (STP) packer underwear is a revolutionary invention that’s helping folks feel comfortable, confident and affirmed in everyday life. People of all genders wear them for a range of different reasons, from easing gender dysphoria to enhancing personal safety in social settings. 

Whether you’re a first-time packer underwear shopper or a trans ally just wanting to learn more about packing, we’re glad you’re here. Ahead, we explore the who, what, where and why of these nifty garments to get all your questions answered. 


What is packing?

Before we delve into all things STP packer underwear, let’s take a step back and talk packing. 

Packing is the process of using a packer to achieve a bulge at your crotch that looks like a penis (and it might feel like one too). Packers come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They can be anything from a rolled-up pair of socks to a painted prosthetic made from silicone or thermoplastic elastomer. 


STP Packers

STP packers feature an internal funnel allowing people with vulvas to urinate while standing up. They usually have a flexible cup that the wearer can hold against their anatomy so that pee can flow through the funnel and out of the tip of the packer. 



What is STP packer underwear?

STP packer underwear is underwear that’s specially designed to keep an STP packer sitting nicely. It can help achieve the type of bulge you’re after while also providing peace of mind that the packer won’t go rogue while you’re out and about. 

Whether you pack on the daily or just when you feel like it, the security, comfort and support that STP packer underwear provides can help make the experience of packing (and peeing) seamless and stress-free.


How does STP packer underwear work?

Good-quality STP packer underwear is carefully designed to offer security, comfort and functionality. Typically, it has 4 key features to help you pack and pee with ease: 

  • Pouch space to securely hold your packer in place as you go about your day.
  • A contoured front panel for extra support and to help create a subtle bulge. 
  • Soft, breathable fabrics to keep you comfortable. Some styles also feature an absorbent lining to catch any pee leakage or period blood. 
  • Elastic waistband and leg openings to ensure a snug fit and prevent shifting or discomfort during use.



Is STP packing underwear for trans people only? 

Trans masc people often wear STP packer underwear to help ease gender dysphoria, to feel more like themselves, or to feel safer by passing as cisgender. That’s why you might see it referred to as trans men’s underwear or trans FTM underwear (underwear specifically designed for trans men who were assigned as female at birth). 

That said, anyone can wear packer underwear, regardless of gender. If it makes you feel good, that’s all that matters! 

Common reasons for pulling on packer underwear include: 

  • Gender affirmation. By helping provide a bridge between personal identity and public presentation, it can make you feel more like yourself. 
  • Boosting confidence. The security and comfort it provides can help you feel even more confident while packing.
  • Personal safety. In social situations where you could face conflict or violence because of intolerance, it can help you blend in. 
  • It can be hot! Finding a pair of briefs that help create the perfect package can be super exciting – in all the right ways. 


Where can I get trans-friendly underwear? 

Keen to get into packer-friendly underwear? Look no further than Modibodi’s inclusive All Gender collection. Our packer-friendly Pride Longline Short in Hand Multi Print is specifically designed to be worn and loved by gender-diverse folks or trans men. 

This trunk-style underwear features soft, sustainable bamboo material and a front pouch for an uber-comfy packing experience. Sold without a packer but with space for one, they are a great option for those wanting to try packing, but aren’t ready for the full STP experience just yet. For added peace of mind, these trunks also have our patented absorbent lining to keep any unexpected pee or period leaks locked away. 



Pack and pee with confidence

The innovative, inclusive design of STP packer underwear can make it a great – and potentially life-changing – addition to your packing routine. But, as with any gender expression gear, wearing (or not wearing) packer underwear is totally up to you. Your gender identity is always valid, however you choose to express it.

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