Navigating your period as a trans man

Navigating your period as a trans man

For too long, periods have been inherently tied to the female gender. A genderless function of the body has been turned into a symbol of what it means to be a woman. The reality of periods, though, is that they’re not binary.

Not all women experience menstruation due to a range of health, age and bodily factors. Likewise, not all people who do menstruate identify as a woman or girl. Non-binary, gender diverse and transgender men are often excluded from the conversation about menstruation.

This nuanced topic is something Oscar has experienced first-hand. As a trans man who does get his period, and the face of our new All Gender Collection – he’s here to share his wisdom and help more people feel comfortable talking about menstruation.

Watch our interview with Oscar below to see how he’s navigated the complex emotions surrounding menstruation, plus his advice for supporting the trans community.

Period underwear that’s inclusive by design.

Our new All Gender Collection is created for all people who menstruate. It features a range of inclusive designs, including our limited-edition Pride Brief and new Pride Longline Short style that combines our patented absorbent technology with a pouch space to comfortably wear a packer – and proudly be yourself.

Explore our Campaign Hub for more advice, articles and support in partnership with Twenty10. Or shop the All Gender Collection here.

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