Modibodi mums share their tips for caring for new Mums

Modibodi mums share their tips for caring for new Mums

We asked the mums at Modibodi for their go-to ideas for really helping new mums in the postpartum period.

Forget another pile of plastic toys for baby, we’re talking about little ideas that will make a real difference in a new mum’s day (like taking baby’s big brother or sister out to play!)

Check them out...and feel free to share your own suggestions @modibodi_family

A cup of coffee

It sounds too easy, but just the simple act of grabbing a takeaway coffee (in a reusable or at least recyclable cup of course) and dropping it off to a new Mum can be a massive mood booster...because it’s having time to do those little things we once took for granted that new mums often miss the most. Just be sure to check whether she’s drinking her usual brew or switched to decaf...

A home-cooked meal

Next time you’re cooking up a pasta bake, risotto, casserole, stir fry...whatever...why not make two trays and drop one off for your new mum mate? A home-cooked meal doesn’t just save her or her partner precious time and effort, it’s also nourishing and a genuine way to show you care, and make her feel loved and supported at a time when she probably needs it.

Freezer favourites

Along the same lines, frozen individual meals which can be popped into the microwave when she needs a quick lunch or dinner (at all hours of the day or night) is another great idea, as are freezable snacks like home-baked muffins.

Give her the gift of a clean house

While we’re the first to agree that having a clean house isn’t a top priority when you’re wrangling with a newborn, that doesn’t mean that if someone else can do it for you, it won’t put a smile on her dial. Why not buy her a one-off clean, or pitch in with family and friends and arrange a once-a-week clean for the first month or so?

Grab the groceries

This one also mightn’t seem super exciting on the gift front, but if you’re a local friend, next time you pop to the supermarket, why not check first if you can do her shop for her, or just pick up a few essentials to save her the trip (and the having to shower, dress the baby, set up the pram and get the timing right between feeds it takes to get there)?

Walk the baby

‘Me’ time is like gold dust for new mums, so one of the kindest (and most appreciated) things you can do is offer to either mind the baby at home, or take the baby for a walk in the pram so she can either just flake for a bit at home, treat herself to a haircut, pedicure, sit in the park with a book for a bit – whatever she wants or needs just to have a little time to herself. And if she’s worried about baby needing a feed etc, you can walk him or her close by so you can bring baby to her if it all goes pear-shaped. Because let’s face it, sometimes it does.

Entertain the big kids

If it’s not her first baby, one super helpful option is offering to take the toddler or bigger kids out for a bit so she can just focus on looking after the baby. Whether you take them to the park, take them out for lunch, or even just come over and play with them in the hour without having to look after multiple kids can feel like a lifetime (and a lifeline)!

Care package

Whether you tap into one of the many online care package options – such as (Australia) - or create your own, a delivery of treats ranging from calming teas to a robe for night-time feeding to choccies or a beautiful bath soak is a thoughtful option which you can customise according to the new mum in your life’s taste and lifestyle.

The magic of massage

A massage can do wonders to soothe sore postpartum bodies, as well as the shoulder aches and pains from constant feeding and carrying baby. Treat her to an in-salon experience (and walk baby around the block for an hour), or, if she’s not comfortable heading out, why not arrange an in-home masseuse and you can look after baby close by for peace of mind?

The gift of comfort

We had to throw it in there – soggy breast pads are no new Mum’s friend – they're uncomfortable, irritating and bulky under clothes. Why not add a super soft Modibodi bamboo Breastfeeding Cami to your care package so she can feed, sleep or get out and about in cool comfort – with no disposable breast pads and no embarrassing milk leaks.

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