Meet Modibodi Model: Elke

Meet Modibodi Model: Elke

Name: Elke Kahler

Age: 20

Model, Actress, Brand Ambassador

I have Maltese and Austrian background however was born and raised in the beautiful Noosa having moved to Sydney just under 2 years ago to pursue acting and modelling. I am passionate about food, fashion, living an active and healthy lifestyle and just making the most out of life. There’s nothing I love more than spending time in the sun and at the beach with my friends.

First of all, did you have fun on the Modibodi shoot?

I had a ball on the Modibodi shoot! I was blessed to work with such a fun and lovely team and bunch of models that it didn’t feel like work at all. My favourite part was definitely rolling around on the bed.

What is your favourite part about being a woman?

My favourite part about being a woman is the freedom and endless ways we can dress ourselves depending on our moods. I love how we have so much more variety to males, whether it’s simply a bikini or the most glamorous look from heels to jewels.

In the modelling industry, have you ever faced any challenges? Have you felt as though you needed to change a part of yourself or what you looked like in order to be viewed a certain way.

In the beginning I was surrounded by older, taller and skinnier girls who I thought were the only way models should look and felt as though I needed to be more like them in order to do well and book work. I then learned to embrace my uniqueness and love myself for how I am by realizing everybody is different and suited to different kinds of jobs.

Do you think women face challenges in todays society & how to you think we should tackle it?

I definitely think women put way too much pressure on themselves to compete appearance wise and try to be better than everyone else as it’s the social standard. I believe in simply embracing what is unique and special about yourself and just trying to focus on bettering yourself rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing.

What’s your favourite Modibodi garment & why?

I love the Sassy Cheekini because it’s cute, sexy and oh so comfortable all at the same time. Ultimate winner for me.

What’s your ideal day look like- how do you keep your mind, body and soul nourished, entertained and challenged?

My ideal day starts by getting up early and going to the gym or for a coastal run, followed by a delicious healthy breakfast and a swim. I would spend the day laying in the sun on the beach with friends and listening to music. I love to go for long afternoon walks to clear my head, me time and downtime is extremely important to maintaining a healthy mind when life is chaotic. I believe that balance is key and everything in moderation, so I would finish my day off with a yummy dinner like pizza or Mexican and a movie. My ideal chill day off.

What’s your grandplan or purpose in life?

I have so many dreams and aspirations. To put it simply, I just want to achieve as much as I possibly can and just live life to the fullest. I want to work and travel whilst being able to give back to charities and those less fortunate. I have my sights set on Hollywood!

Finish the sentence

Im happiest when…. I’m eating out for brunch (my favourite) or basking in the sunshine at the beach.

I started modelling because…. I love fashion and it was a way to immerse myself in the industry and learn so much more about every aspect of it.

I love my Modibodis because ….. they are comfy, make me feel sexy and stand for everything I believe in; being confident in your own skin.

My greatest inspiration is....My mum, she works so hard and is so successful, selfless, thoughtful and loving which inspires me everyday to be more like her.

Any Instagram tips?

Be yourself! Don’t ever feel like you have to present yourself a certain way to gain more “likes” or “followers”. Just be authentic and true to yourself and people will want to see more of that.

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