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Meet Mary, Modibodi Ambassador

Today we profile Modibodi ambassador, Mary Bianco, 27

About Me... 

I am Australian with Filipino and Spanish background from Australia, Philippines and Northern Mariana Islands. I am passionate about Modelling and have modelled professionally for over 5 years. I am in love with adventures, travel, Island life, summer, beach and the ocean. Im also a part time sales assistant.

Being a Woman Means... 

Being carefree and being your true self. You can be wild and crazy, strong and independent, annoying and emotional, just anything you want to be or imagine. We have choices and possibilities in life and being a woman for me is a great asset.

Modibodi represents... 

Modibodi is an underwear brand that represents comfort, confidence and to empower women of all different shapes and sizes from embarrassing moments during menstrual cycle. Modibodi ensures us to feel comfortable in any time of day and night when we have our periods because the underwear protects us from leakage, any discomfort, sweats and odours. It makes our everyday life a lot easier during those difficult times.

My Fave Modibodi Product... 

I have a few favourites. First of all Modibodi is Australian designed and owned. I like the Classic Thong which comes in beige and black. This is perfect for modelling because they are basic colours suitable for the job and the underwear has no visible panty line finish and this is an advantage when wearing as an undergarment. The Sensual Bikini is made from soft bamboo and I like the feel of the fabric and especially the colour it comes in, Aqua. It has a lace trim which gives that feminine touch. Lastly, the Active Air Brief. This underwear is perfect for workouts and suitable for any activities that you are doing. An advantage about this underwear is that It's antibacterial which keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter and protects you from sweat and odour. I love the candy pink with the white trim which has the Modibodi logo.

My First Period...

When I got my first period, I was 14 years old at that time, a late bloomer. I told my mum first and I was glad she was with me as we were both at home when it happened. Getting your first period can be confusing and uncomfortable and I was glad that my mum was with me because you just need a woman by your side in a case like this. A mother knows what to do.

My Best Advice is... 

I like Frank Sinatra's quote "The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything". Therefore facing your fears and getting over them. Also my friend said that It's "OK" whether you're feeling anxious, curious or scared, that it's ok to feel these emotions. It's part of life and make sure you feel it in order to overcome it. See more of our campaign over at Facebook. 

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