Inspiring women: Zahrina Robertson

Inspiring women: Zahrina Robertson

Modibodi is always inspired by talented women, we take some time with leading international award winning personal branding photographer and author Zahrina Robertson as part of our inspiring women series.

Who is Zahrina?

I'm an International Multi-Award Branding Photographer for Entrepreneurs who makes a difference. I deeply believe I can change all people to believe in their potential through their eyes - this is my gift.

Tell us about what you do and why you feel personal branding is important for women?

I’m obsessed with helping Entrepreneurs be seen in their magnetic truth for their personal branding through my lens. With my personality brand archetype model in my book, I believe we as women have the potential to harness our personal brand messaging from the strength of our belief, mindset to style and images that tell our unique story through your eyes...

How do you balance being a working mum?

With 7 years of practice, I hope I’m really becoming better day by day. I love being a Mum, it really is the best thing I have achieved...

What and who inspires you?

My Dad inspired me on my journey of photography and writing and my Mum strong belief in self has been a driving force to believe I can do anything I apply myself to. I have really been inspired by my own clients and the growth I see in their mindset and brands as they launch themselves with the images I’ve taken. I’m humbled by the incredible feedback I receive everyday from random people who affirm that I am on the right track as the Thought Leader of Personal Branding...

Zahrina recently photographed Modibodi and Share the Dignity at the Hornsby Women's Shelter.

You can see the photos on our Facebook page.

Find out more on Zahrina here.

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