How do our Recycled Active 7/8 Leggings actually work?

How do our Recycled Active 7/8 Leggings actually work?

Nov 17, 2021sophie nelson

So you’re thinking of trying our new Recycled 7/8 Active Leggings? Awesome. Here’s a quick lowdown on how they work, before you hit ‘Add to cart’.

Our Recycled Active Leggings contain a floating gusset with a Mod-Heavy absorbency. This means the supportive and reliable Modibodi technology is invisible from the outside. It also means you don’t have to wear underwear to the gym, as the gusset acts just like your regular Modibodi undies. Talk about a game-changer!

The Mod-Heavy absorbency means they can hold up to 2-3 tampons or 3 teaspoons of liquid. Perfect for heavy periods, heavy discharge or sneaky pee leaks. They also feel just like your favourite leggings should. Buttery soft, stretchy and most importantly - supportive.

Still not sure? Have a read of some of the amazing customer testimonials we’ve received on our new Recycled 7/8 Leggings.

"Exercising on my period is usually a little worrisome, however with these leggings I have nothing to worry about. They are fitted, comfortable and do not move! I've worn them for a spin class, runs and HIT and I didn't have to worry about leakage or them rolling down. " -Meg

"Good quality thick lyra type material. Definitely keep leaks/periods in. I feel comfortable wearing these during my period. "-Celiah

"To start, these leggings work! It was great not having to wear underwear with the leggings during a hike. The leggings also did not ride down at all. " -Joslyn

"I love my Modibodi leggings . They're firm on my body and absorbent. I don't have to worry about that telltale look of wearing a panty liner. They make me feel free and confident. My body image issues surrounding wearing panty liners are gone. Best of all I'm being sustainable. Thank you so much 😍 " -Susan

"I love these leggings . I love how they feel. They feel light and durable. The undergarment feels thick and secure, especially with the waistband,. I feel it’s full coverage and don’t have to worry about leaks. The waistband doesn’t role down. I’m a medium in Modibodi underwear yet order large for shorts and leggings . I’ve ordered 3 pairs already 😊 "-Veronica

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