Heavy periods a pain in the pelvis

For the 1 in 5 Australian women who suffer from heavy periods, the onset of 'that time of the month' can be very distressing.

The pelvic pain they experience is uncomfortable and can be so debilitating that some women are unable to leave the house. The chances of leaking onto clothes due to the large volume of blood lost is very high, and despite their best efforts to change tampons/pads regularly, most women with heavy periods will experience inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing leaks onto underpants and even outer clothing.

Thankfully Modibodi underpants can provide stylish, comfortable and effective protection for women with heavy periods. Modibodi underpants may look and fit like regular underwear, but the innovative Modifier Technology used in the gusset can wick, absorb and evaporate up to 5ml moisture at once, eliminate odour, kill bacteria and resist stains.

For women with regular periods, Modibodi can be worn on light period days (say the last few days of your period) instead of pads or tampons. But for women with heavy periods Modibodi can offer a super slim, highly absorbent layer of protection in addition to a pad/tampon and remove the fear and embarrassment of a potential menstrual leak.

The average woman loses around 40ml to 80ml of menstrual blood over a 5 to 7 day period (average 10ml a day), women with heavy periods can lose up to double that amount.

As a guide, heavy periods are considered as the following:

- Frequent changes of tampons or pads (say every hour)

- Needing to use both tampons and pads at the same time

- Passing large blood clots (size of a 50 cent coin)

- Experiencing 'flooding' and having to change underwear due to overflow of menstrual blood

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