8 Tips and Tricks for keeping your vagina healthy and happy

8 Tips and Tricks for keeping your vagina healthy and happy

As women, our vaginas are very important. They're also very complex and wonderful things. Did you know there are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, and only 4,000 in the penis? That it's physically impossible to lose anything in your vagina. That your vagina has the same pH level as a glass of wine? Totally True Facts!! (Medical Daily, 2014).

And one of the most important ones - vaginas are actually self cleaning, cool right? Your vagina is your friend (actually your BFF), and will actually let you know if there's something wrong. Whether it lets you know through a burning sensation, itchiness or out of the ordinary discharge, you usually have some idea. So let's repay the favour to your vagina, by following some easy steps to ensure it can keep you healthy and enjoying life!

1. Vaginal PH Balance

Your vagina has an optimal pH balance that it maintains to ensure everything can work effectively. It's important to maintain these levels, but never engage in vaginal douching (putting soaps or shower gels) inside your vagina as this disrupts the natural pH balancing process which prevents against yeast infections, UTIs and bacterial vaginosis.

Products such as Vagisil are perfect, as they are gynaecologically approved and tested, odourless and completely safe to use on your vagina. It is pH balancing, odour reducing, it comes in shower gels, wipes and plenty more, leaving you feeling fresh and confident

2. Maintain a healthy diet

Surprisingly, a balanced, nutritious diet and drinking plenty of fluids play a key role in maintaining vaginal health. It's been said that yoghurt can actually play a role in treating yeast infections naturally as they also contain the same kind of good bacteria your vagina needs to stay healthy.

3. Practice Safe Sex

Using condoms each time you have sex helps to prevent the transmitting of sexually transmitted disease such as genital herpes, chlamydia, HIV and syphilis.

4. See your Gynaecologist

These doctors are trained in diagnosing diseases and disorders that can potentially harm your health and cause you discomfort. Ensuring you go for regular check ups and pap smears will help in detecting anything that isn’t normal and ease any discomfort. It’s always best to be in the know!

5. Treat infections when they arise

It can sometimes be tricky to distinguish between what’s normal and what isn't. Sometimes discomfort, weird smells, or particularly heavy discharge only last a couple of days and will disappear by themselves as your vagina regularly cleans itself. Other times, these issues can be persistent, and a sign of a more serious issue. Better to be safe. If you feel like something isn't normal, go to your local pharmacy first and get an over the counter treatment for thrush or any kind of itching or burning (which could be a sign of a urinary tract infection). If this treatment fails to help, then book in an appointment with your gynecologist who can examine you thoroughly and check it out.

6. Choose clothing carefully

Did you know the clothes you wear actually play a large role in your vaginal health? Clothing such as stockings can make your vagina quite hot, leading to increased sweating and greater risk of thrush with a build up of yeast
  • Modibodi garments are a great alternative for a healthy vagina for a variety of reasons.
Why Modibodis underwear is your vagina’s BFF…..
  1. Breathable …. Nobody wants to feel hot and sticky, especially during their period, so the light, soft fabric that Modibodi garments are made with are perfect, every day of the week rain or shine
  2. Modifier Technology….which is stain resistant and odour preventing, ensuring freshness from morning till night without the unnecessary stress
  3. Naturally Anti-Microbial… which helps in keeping your vaginal PH levels within a healthy range and ensure it can function at an optimal level
  4. Moisture Wicking…. ensuring any germs produced by your vagina throughout the day won’t cause a build up in your underwear making you feel sweaty and damp
  5. Re-usable…. One of the worst parts of disposable hygiene products is that they never seem to last! We often find ourselves questioning how we can possibly be down to our last tampon - with Modibodi you’ll never be scratching your head in confusion again. Simply place them in the wash, hang to dry and use them over and over!

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7. Maintain good hygiene during your period

Regularly change your menstrual cup and ensure you wash it thoroughly before reusing Modibodi garments remove the need to constantly check your hygiene products, and keep you from feeling like you need to run to the bathroom and check every hour or have someone check your jeans

8. Let it breathe when you can

If you feel comfortable, sometimes not wearing underwear to bed can really help air your vagina out and let it breathe and relax.

Your vagina is so important, and while it can seem super complicated at times, it’s relatively easy to keep it happy. So eat some yoghurt, go for your annual pap smears, and chill out in your Modibodis and your vagina will be a happy one!

*We are not medical professionals and advise you to contact your health professional to discuss your health or any medically related issues.

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