The sustainable gifts that keep giving

The sustainable gifts that keep giving

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. But in 2021, the best presents all have one thing in common: they're sustainable. Obviously. To make it even easier, we've put together the ultimate gift guide of the best sustainable presents everyone will love.

Here are the gifts that keep giving:

Plants that grow with you.

Simple, easy and always evolving. Plants make the perfect gift to zhush up anyone's living space, and they can be kept for years on end. Not only do they improve air quality in the home, but they’re also downright beautiful. Take care of these babies, and they’ll take care of you in return.

Experiences to enjoy and remember.

Lifelong memories do exactly what they say they’ll do: they last.
The more fun it is, the longer they’ll remember it, and the more sustainable it becomes - get it?
Not sure where to start? Totally fine!
Try a pottery class - and keep your creations for years to come.
Or a rock-climbing class - if you’re feeling adventurous.
Or simply go to the cinema - Chris Hemsworth, anyone?

Food, glorious food.

Everyone’s gotta eat, right? And one of the most full-proof ways to show love and appreciation is by cooking for someone, sharing a meal or gifting something sweet. Try making something from scratch to save on plastic. If you’re no Gordon Ramsey, don’t stress - start with a delicious, seasonal fruit platter. Or take it up a notch and make a vegan chocolate mousse.

Hate cooking but your friend loves it? Make their day by buying them some plastic-free kitchen essentials from Seed & Sprout.

Slow fashion that’ll last.

A sustainable piece of clothing makes the perfect gift because they’ll think of you every time they wear it (clever, huh?). Look out for brands that are made from 100% recycled materials or are eco-friendly, like Girlfriend Collective or Reformation. You could also gift a Modibodi RED Swimwear Racerback One Piece so their summer is sorted!

Better yet, throw a clothes swap party. Everyone brings a few items of old clothing they no longer want. Once everything is laid out, you and your attendees can swap clothes, depending on what you like. The result? New items for all, and nothing has gone to waste.

Makeup to feel good about

Makeup can be filled with plastics that can last years in landfill - not so cute. But if your friend is a makeup lover, there are ways to buy for them sustainably and still nail your gifting game. Look for brands that have refillable options, like Fluff, or think further ahead and buy reusable makeup remover - instead of letting hundreds of cotton pads go straight to landfill.

Alright, let’s wrap this up.

Happy gifting. You’ve got this.

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