Speaking up against climate change.

Speaking up against climate change.

At RED, the future of the planet is important to us.

We believe the actions we take over the next few years are crucial. When just 100,000 people use Modibodi alone from the start of their menstrual cycle, 11 billion disposable hygiene products are prevented from ending up in landfill. That's a whole lot less waste and a much better place to for us to live in!

Recently we have been so inspired by the young voices that have speaking up and speaking out against climate change. We reached out to some young activists that are taking a stand and shaking things up within their communities and around the world.

We’d like you to meet Billie. At just 13, Billie organised the School Strike in Townsville all by herself! She is keen to get involved and make more changes in her area because it's generally anti-climate change and pro mining. She has even received threats of violence online due to her activism, which is super scary but also shows just how brave you must be to speak up sometimes.

Hey Billie! Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Billie Tristram and I’m a climate activist.

Ive always been interested and passionate about caring for our planet and I started understanding what climate change was when I was 12 years old. However, before then I was very enthusiastic about creating a better world for all.

Who are your climate activist role models?

My dad has been my role model when it comes to the environment, especially wildlife. My family has brought me up learning about sustainability and always thinking about alternative products to help sustain our planet.

How did your involvement in climate activism begin?

I got involved in organisations like School Strike for Climate, The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and Youth Verdict. In my case, being a ‘school striker’ was a struggle as I faced many people that were disgusted at my enthusiasm for something that they didn’t care about, and unfortunately, this was the case at my school, so I took it beyond that and did it myself.

I was able to get to know Rob Innes the producer of Youth on Strike and loved being around like-minded people that genuinely cared about climate change like me. I did numerous media pieces and began to immerse myself in this passion and I knew that one person can make a difference!

Has your community been supportive?

I've done a lot of media appearances, and I receive a lot of support but of course, I also receive a lot of what I like to call 'feedback'!

This feedback isn't always helpful but quite hurtful and, in the doco, ‘Youth on Strike’, I explain that further.

Check out the documentary here.

What are your dreams and plans for the future?

My dreams for the future are to have one for starters, but also to know that there is hope, because sometimes I lose all hope and I think ‘what is the point?’

What do you think about our leaders? Are they doing enough?

I think that when I watch the politicians address climate change like a joke and make climate denial something that kids are being brainwashed to believe. Then I realise people like that are running our country! But on the other hand, I tell myself if everyone thinks that and does nothing we will never get anywhere and if I don’t like the people running for our country maybe I will?

How can we help?

I want everyone, whether you live in a place that only has 2 people or 2 billion people, even if your parents aren’t supportive or your school doesn’t agree with what you’re doing - run your own country, make your own impact, the right kind of one and remember it doesn’t matter how small you are, your voice is the biggest and WE CAN make a difference!!

We support young powerful voices! Speak up, speak out and together we can create positive change in the fight for the climate crisis.

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Want to hear more from young climate activists? Stay tuned, this month we’ll be speaking to four more amazing young women who are fighting for change in their local communities to get their unique story and point of view.

Learn more on how Modibodi is playing their part on sustainability.

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