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Maillots de bain

Maillots de bain Modibodi

Modibodi Swimwear est votre nouveau et intelligent Modibodi cosi. Ces maillots de bain étanches sont aussi impertinents que durables. Portez le cosi depuis la plage ou la piscine jusqu'au café ou aux magasins pour vous protéger de ces incidents sournois du plancher pelvien ou des périodes de lumière et des taches. Grâce à la technologie innovante Modifier Swim Technology, en instance de brevet, vos maillots de bain résistants à l'eau sèchent très rapidement, ne se tachent pas et luttent contre les odeurs. La gamme Modibodi Swim se décline en deux styles insolents : Got Your Backstroke bikini anti-fuite Active bikini et Set Me Freestyle maillot de bain une pièce anti-fuite disponible en tailles filles et femmes. Stock limité. Ils sont également parfaits pour les jeunes filles ayant des problèmes de fuites urinaires.

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Period Swimwear

Our period swimwear is perfect for light periods & spotting or those pelvic floor mishaps.

Get poolside protection with Modibodi swimwear 

Forget awkward trips to the public toilet at the beach and missing out on pool parties. Modibodi swimwear is here to give you leak proof protection with clever cuts that feel just like your favourite swimmers — only better. Designed to keep leaks locked in even when you’re getting wet, you’ll love the confidence you get from Modibodi one-pieces and separates, whether you’re having a splash poolside or headed into the open water for a distance swim.

How period swimwear works

Modibodi period swimwear is created using an innovative outer fabric layer that dries three times faster than typical swimwear for a flattering and functional pair of bathers. Our unique Swimwear Technology absorbs odours, light to moderate bleeding and light bladder leaks, making them the perfect option for a light to moderate flow. The fitted waterproof gusset outer prevents stains and locks in leaks even when wet, so you never have to second guess yourself while soaking up the rays poolside or enjoying brunch after catching some waves.

Period Swimwear for teens and tweens

Modibodi RED offers range of teen period swimwear as well. Hit the pool or the beach without fear of leaks in our hi-tech period swimwear range. Bye bye tampons.

Choose the perfect style of leak-proof period swimwear for your body

Our period swimwear line is UV50+ rated for unparalleled sun protection and made from a chlorine resistant fabric for a hard-wearing and hard working cossie that retains its shape. Plus, it won’t fade or become damaged from multiple laps in the pool either.  

If you love a classic, our Recycled One Piece is perfect for both pool parties and setting a new personal best on your lap time. Supportive straps and the flattering leg cut feel comfy while resisting budging or shifting as you move. Embrace a vintage vibe with our Recycled Hi Waist Bikini Brief that can be mixed and matched with your favourite bikini tops, or go for the classic Recycled Bikini Brief that sits on your hips with a flattering high leg cut while giving you the perfect protection on light period days. When you’ve had your fun in the sun, simply rinse, cold machine wash and hang out to dry.

Modibodi — clever products for a better planet 

The entire Modibodi swimwear range is made from our new pre-consumer recycled fabric. This material actively reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills, plus it uses less energy than traditional materials. Not only does this fabric save the planet, but our period undies removes the need for single-use tampons  — a big contributor of waste the world over. Saving the planet while you have a splash? Absolutely!   

Whether you want to avoid sweat stains, need some leak protection for everyday wear or want a more environmentally friendly way to deal with period flow, Modibodi has got you covered. All of our collections, from our womenswear to menswear, teen products and reusable baby nappies, are made from sustainable sources and slimline enough to work seamlessly with any clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does period swimwear really work?
Ours does! Our patent-pending swimwear technology seals in leaks, meaning perfect for light period days or back up with a tampon or menstrual cup if your flow is heavier. Peace of mind and beach days? Yes please!
What would I need absorbent swimwear for?

Modibodi swimwear is designed for both light-moderate periods and bladder leaks.

If you plan to use your Modibodi swimsuit for period protection whilst swimming, they are best used alone on light days and spotting period days, or great as a back-up for periods on heavier days (when worn with a. tampon or menstrual cup), and to prevent leaking on clothes and towels. We also love them to prevent getting caught out when you are expecting your period to arrive. Once worn in the water, the garment will become wet inside and out. But, thanks to the quick-drying fabrics we have sourced from our range, you will be dry very quickly upon exiting the water!

Do I need to wear a tampon or menstrual cup?

If you have a heavy flow, sure! Our swimwear is best suited for light-moderate period days, so if you're super heavy but keen to hit the beach, it's perfect for back up. However, if you're on a lighter day, there's no need for additional protection.