For: Gently washing and exfoliating skin
Feels: Soft and fluffy
Your Impact: Sustainable materials = better for your body, better for the planet

Our natural ramie loofah is soft on skin and gentle on the environment. Biodegradable, it’s made from 100% ramie and a must for any bathroom.

Replace synthetic sponges or loofahs - better for the planet, better for your body.

  • Biodegradable
  • 100% natural ramie
  • Ramie is an eco-friendly linen-like fibre which is classified as a cellulose fibre and is made from the stalks of the nettle plant.

CARE: Please be sure to read our FAQ on caring for your garments.


We work with trusted manufacturers, and continuously invest time and energy into nurturing our supply chain.

Circular design

We focus our design on using renewable and recycled fabrics - like Australian merino wool and organic cotton.


We're proud to create products for everybody, and champion uncomfortable conversations around periods, incontinence, pregnancy, sweat and more.

Care guide

Get the most out of your underwear

Wash your Modibodi before the first wear. This will activate the technology in the lining for maximum absorbency.


Rinse your used underwear in cold water after use <30° Don't soak, just rinse until the water runs clear.

Cold wash

Cold wash (now or later) In a delicates bag is even better. Avoid any fabric softener.

Hang dry

Hang dry. Reuse. Repeat. Easy done.

Washing and care
Hang dry