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Modibodi brand ambassadors

Introducing Modibodi’s brand ambassadors. Women that embody Modibodi’s values, vision and ethos to make a change across the world and continue to inspire women to embrace their bodies, open their minds and have fun while doing it.

DJ Tigerlily

Most of you probably know DJ Tigerlily, but did you know her real name is Dara and as well as being a DJ, she is also a producer and a wellness and vegan enthusiast?

Earlier this year we reached out to see if she would be interested in testing out our vegan range: "Not going to lie, I was sceptical at first about using them. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disgusted at the thought of period undies. It's been years since I've been able to tolerate pads, and I had this preconceived idea of it being a big, adult nappy filled with blood. But, to my surprise, my experience has been far from that. I was shocked to see they were just like a normal pair of black underwear. However, these babies hold some secret power - zero leaks, no more bulkiness and leaving you feeling completely dry.⁠

The thing that was a big drawcard for me to Modibodi was the sustainable aspect, and now that Modibodi has released an entire vegan collection, they're more sustainable than ever."

Shani Cantel

Shani, 28, from Victoria, has devoted her Instagram page to discussing topics relating to womanhood, motherhood, and body positivity and told FEMAIL her online 'girl code' community can transform the way her followers view their bodies. “After giving birth to my daughter I felt so disconnected to my body – I didn’t ‘bounce back’ – I looked in the mirror one day and I said ‘I hate my body’ – then I turned and my daughter was looking at me, listening to me. I knew right then that I had to start accepting my new body, for me and for her.

“If I’d had Modibodi at that time, I’d have been in a different state about my body, dealing with my bladder leaks in public would have been one less thing on my mind.” Modibodi have given me many things and dignity is most definitely one of the feelings they have helped me give back to myself. I remember the first time I slipped into them, one foot after the other. I smiled like a kid in a candy store. I cried soon after. Modibodi took a major part in giving me my sexy back. I started to laugh harder like I used to and I no longer had to worry about not knowing when I was having leakage. Modibodi gave me my mojo and flow of life back literally. I can’t imagine life without them really! 

Olivia White

Olivia is a mindful Melbourne mum of two young girls, who according to Olivia, also double as her best friends! While running her household and her lifestyle blog (@houseofwhite), Olivia is constantly creating and promoting ways that her family can live more sustainably and ethically, without taking away the fun! She has been a loyal Modibodi customer long before coming on board to work with us as an ambassador. 

Olivia on Modibodi: "I proudly came on as an ambassador for Modibodi a few years ago, and I love to use my platform to discuss and break down the stigma around what is usually considered taboo or "TMI" topics surrounding women's hygiene and health. I also share the same ethos with Modibodi around creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and our children. What better organisation to represent than one that does so much in this space and with dozens of charitable causes that have an impact here and worldwide.”

Adele Barbaro

Adele Barbaro is one of our favourite Australian parenting bloggers (@real_mumma) and has created a loyal following on Facebook and Instagram, where she shares a genuine, honest and raw insight into what it’s like to be a busy mum. In turn, those who love her blog gain confidence in knowing that parenthood is a roller coaster and it’s not always pretty; she shows the reality. 

Adele is a business owner (Mama Wine Co) and mum to Harvey and Chloe, residing in Melbourne.

Adele on why she chose to become a Modibodi Ambassador: "When I first heard of Modibodi, I was skeptical but I always try something once. It’s been over a year since I purchased a disposable women’s hygiene product and I just adore what Modibodi are doing for the confidence of young girls and women, as well as our environment. I am very proud to align myself and shout from the rooftops about this innovative company"

Demi Spaccavento

Australia's no-filter period educator. We have worked with Demi for a few years now with our RED brand - giving our younger customers honest and helpful advice on periods, mental health, puberty and everything that comes with entering teenhood! "Easy-peasy periods, no awkward conversations required!" as Demi puts it.  A teacher during the day, Demi can also be found doing menstrual talks at schools, webinars and hosting Parent & Teen courses. Empowering women and teens to embrace their menstrual cycle confidently and boldly. 

Sjana Elise

Sjana is an international yoga instructor, a wellness influencer, adventure enthusiast, as well as a self-described sunshine-loving Aussie girl.

She believes that all women deserve to feel empowered and confident in their skin and through her own experience, she has learned that yoga is an invaluable tool for the enrichment of the lives of women of all ages. After struggling with depression and anxiety in her late teens, she now aims to generate a communal happiness for herself and others. 

Passionate about expanding her knowledge of eco practices, Sjana (@sjanaelise) works to inspire a positive approach to environmentalism by being an example of how it can become cool, convenient and affordable. 

Sjana and her mum, Judy, are both big believers in the Modibodi brand, mission and ethos. Knowing that they are not only doing good for their own bodies, but also for the planet, is very important to them.

Emily J Prior

Emily is 13  years old and, as a model, she hopes to challenge the advertising industry to ensure the inclusion of  people with disabilities. Emily has gone from asking her mum while looking through a catalogue, “Mummy why are none of the models in here like me”, to appearing in them.

Emily has Cerebral Palsy and she thinks it’s important to represent people with disabilities in advertising because “it’s who we are”. Disability is a lived experience and an identity shared by one in five people.

Emily is loving the Modibodi sister and “teen” scene range of Modibodi Red. "Disabled girls get periods just like everyone else! Every girl should be able to manage her period independently, safely, hygienically and with dignity. Period-proof underwear is sustainable, accessible and adaptive so she can manage independently. RED by Modibodi is designed specifically with growing bodies in mind.