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Les ambassadeurs de la marque Modibodi

Voici les ambassadeurs de la marque Modibodi. Des femmes qui incarnent les valeurs, la vision et l'éthique de Modibodi pour faire changer les choses dans le monde entier et continuer à inspirer les femmes à embrasser leur corps, à ouvrir leur esprit et à s'amuser tout en le faisant.

Adele Barbaro

Adele Barbaro has been a long-term ambassador for Modibodi and we are delighted to have her as part of the movement for 2021. Many of you will know Adele as one Australia’s most popular bloggers (@real_mumma) who created a loyal following by sharing a genuine, honest and raw insight into her busy life as a mum of two while also running her business (Feminae Beverage Co). 

Those who love her blog gain confidence in knowing that family life is a roller coaster and it’s not always pretty; she shows the real. And that’s why we love her. 

 "When I first heard of Modibodi, I was sceptical but I always try something once. It’s been almost 4 years since I purchased a disposable women’s hygiene product and I just adore what Modibodi are doing for the confidence of young girls and women, as well as our environment. I am very proud to align myself and shout from the rooftops about this innovative company." 

Taryn Brumfitt

Media personality, founder of the Body Image Movement and Embrace filmmaker Taryn Brumfitt is on a mission to end the global body-hating epidemic, inspiring everyone to ‘love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability’.  

“I’ve been using Modibodi products for over 6 years and there’s a lot I love about this brand…For starter – the diversity of models used in their (NEVER PHOTOSHOPPED!) images are sublime to look at, the mission of the CEO is to ‘liberate us all from endless amounts of landfill’ and best of all – the products work. They are the original, the best, and I’ve never leaked once! I look forward to spreading the message of Modibodi through my networks, putting an end to period shame, and helping young girls feel confident and happy in their bodies.” 

DJ Tigerlily

DJ, producer and wellness advocate, DJ Tigerlily is the brand ambassador for Modibodi’s vegan range. A passionate advocate for looking after the environment, she was drawn to Modibodi by her desire to be more sustainable.  

“Not going to lie, I was sceptical at first about using…period undies. It’s been years since I’ve been able to tolerate pads, and I had this preconceived idea of it being a big, adult nappy filled with blood. But, to my surprise, my experience has been far from that. I was shocked to see they were jut like a normal pair of…underwear. However, these babies hold some secret power – zero leaks, no more bulkiness and you feel completely dry.” 

Read about DJ Tigerlily’s first time with Modibodi and her quest to be more sustainable here

Shani Chantel

Shani's Instagram page is devoted to discussing womanhood, motherhood and body positivity, encouraging her online community to change the way they view their bodies. 

“After giving birth…I didn’t ‘bounce back’ – I looked in the mirror one day and I said ‘I hate my body’ – than I turned and my daughter was looking at me, listening to me. I knew right then that I had to start accepting my new body, for me and for her…..Modibodi has given me many things and dignity is definitely one of them….Modibodi played a major part in giving me my sexy back. I started to laugh harder, like I used to, and no longer had to worry about…leakage. Modibodi gave me my mojo and flow of life back. I can’t imagine life without them!” 

Read about Shani’s journey with learning to love herself, her troubles with incontinence postpartum and her experience with Modibodi here

Emily J Prior

Model, actor and disability advocate, 13-year-old Emily has cerebral palsy, and she’s challenging the advertising industry to include more people with disabilities. A big fan of the Modibodi RED range, Emily loves the way our products empower people to manage their periods independently – and she’s a regular on our social feeds.  

"Disabled girls get periods just like everyone else! Every girl should be able to manage her period independently, safely, hygienically and with dignity.” 

Read more about Emily and her journey to change your perception of disabilities here