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Modibodi Underwear Collection Photoshoot- behind the scenes

What an amazing first half of 2016 Modibodi has had! As we head into the second half of the year ( only 149 more sleeps Christmas... but who's counting right!). We wanted to take you on the journey with us and unleash some of our behind the scenes images from our photoshoots from the first six months of this year. As an Australian brand, we love the outdoors- the sun, sand and stunning scenery. We thought, why not capture the essence of Australia in our shoots. We have strong, confident women who are Modibodi ambassadors who are fierce and took them to the beach and park side for a great shoot! Modibodi underwear

Even the lifeguards on Coogee beach wanted to be part of our campaign!

Modibodi underwear

Callan Park, Sydney was a little too spooky for some one our lovely models!


Ashlee getting ready for her starring role in the Modibodi Active Shoot at Xtend Barre in Sydney.

Hair and Makeup by the talented team at Cameron James Makeup Academy.

Modibodi Mum

A few small touch ups with Mum to be Vanessa by Modibodi founder Kristy Chong.

Modibodi Underwear

End of shoot fun with Diana in her Modibodi Active Crop & Classic Bikini Briefs.

Don't forget you can shop the entire Modibodi collection online here.

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