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COVID-19 Health & Safety Response

Compliance Statement | COVID-19 Health and Safety Response Statement 

The health and safety of all Modibodi customers, staff and partners is our number one priority. 

Modibodi continues to monitor and act on COVID-19 recommendations and requirements thathe National Cabinet, UK Government and HSE UK to ensure the company can continue to deliver our essential products to individuals and communities in need.  

To protect those who work in our head office, we have:  

▪ Enabled remote working for all staff members 
▪ Ensured each team member has an appropriate workspace at home and is following our revised OHS policy to support remote workers  

At our UK warehouse, our 3PL team have:  

  • Increased the frequency and level of cleaning to ensure all workspaces are hygienic  
  • Introduced a two-shift strategy to meet social distancing requirements; each shift is preceded by a deep clean and sanitisation process  
  • Mandated that employees can only work with their assigned team to further reduce contact among employees  
  • Will further utilise technology, systems automations and security cameras to oversee operations and limit the need for human intervention where possible  
  • Contactless deliveries are available for all customer orders via our delivery partners DHL and Royal Mail 
  • Clear procedures are in place should a staff member test positive to COVID-19. These include immediately notifying HSE UK and enacting a contact trace cleaning protocol 
  • Modibodi will continue to monitor and enact all regulatory requirements during this crisis. We remain committed to supporting the hygiene needs of women and men throughout these challenging times.  

Kristy Chong 
CEO and Founder of Modibodi 

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