Reusable Toddler Daytime Maxi Training Pant 2 Pack Topaz Blue


Absorbency: Up to 200ml

Now you can stop putting off toilet training. Available in a handy 2-pack, these clever pants are designed to help transition from nappies to undies by letting them feel when they’re damp. They’re resistant to odour, easy to use and even easier to wash.

  • The Men’s Basic Trunk is a classic longer leg style with full coverage for a secure, comfortable fit – and no chafing.
  • Black coloured lining stops unwanted stains.
  • Feels like wearing regular underwear.
  • Made from super soft, OEKO-TEX® certified Organic cotton, so you can be sure your kids aren’t meeting any nasty chemicals on their way to being toilet trained.
  • To activate Modibodi’s magic powers, wash before use.

  • CARE: Rinse first, gentle cold machine wash, hang to dry, reuse, and repeat. Read our FAQs for more. 


    We work with trusted manufacturers, and continuously invest time and energy into nurturing our supply chain.

    Circular design

    We focus our design on using renewable and recycled fabrics - like Australian merino wool and organic cotton.


    We're proud to create products for everybody, and champion uncomfortable conversations around periods, incontinence, pregnancy, sweat and more.

    Care guide

    Get the most out of your underwear

    Wash your Modibodi before the first wear. This will activate the technology in the lining for maximum absorbency.


    Rinse your used underwear in cold water after use <30° Don't soak, just rinse until the water runs clear.

    Cold wash

    Cold wash (now or later) In a delicates bag is even better. Avoid any fabric softener.

    Hang dry

    Hang dry. Reuse. Repeat. Easy done.

    Washing and care
    Hang dry