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One for modern periods for land use (aka underwear)
and one for riding waves or beach wandering.


Made super-slim – only 3mm thick – it’s hard to believe our Modifier Technology™ can hold up to 20ml or 2 tampons worth. We bring the comfiness, so you can bring it!
The top layer quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops smells, so you stay dry and fresh.
The middle layer safely absorbs fluid and locks it away (2.5-20mls depending on the flow you go with).
The bottom layer is extra waterproof protection, so you’re super secure and sassy as always.


Our patent pending Modifier Swim Technology™ means your swimwear dries fast and can hold up to 10ml or 1 tampons worth. The top layer fights bacteria and stops smells The bottom layer is extra waterproof protection, with water repellant fabric which dries 3 times faster than any other swimwear around!



10ml = 1-1½ tampons or 1-2 teaspoons

For: Period protection while you swim

Feels: Dry and clean, a happy little machine


15ml = 1½ – 2 tampons or 2 teaspoons

For: Using alone on light, moderate or heavy period days or overnight for protecting your white sheets

Feels: Comfy, secure and carefree


About RED by Modibodi

So what is RED and how does it work?
RED is a brand built off remarkably clever technology which makes underwear magically absorbent, meaning you can #ditchthedisposables, get rid of tampons and pads and rely solely on your RED undies for your period.
Is RED Period-proof underwear & swimwear GST Free?
From the 1st January 2019, All leak-proof underwear, activewear and swimwear including GST-free for Australian customers. GST still applies to accessories.
Do you need to wear any pads or tampons when wearing RED Period Proof underwear?
RED underwear is designed to cater for a moderate/heavy flow, so if that sounds like your monthly visitor then you should be fine to go without any pads or tampons! However, if you have a monster month, you may want to doubly protect yourself with a tampon or menstrual cup to wear with your RED undies.
How do you use RED period proof underwear?
You just wear the RED period proof underwear like you would your regular undies, but without the hassle of having to use a tampon, menstrual cup or pad. Pop your RED underwear on in the morning and go about your day as if you didn’t even have your period.

When you’re getting ready for bed, take off your RED undies and rinse them in the sink with cold water until the water runs clear. Give them a cheeky squeeze to drain excess water before popping them in the washing basket ready for the next load. Once they’ve been through the washing machine, pin them up on the washing line and after they’ve had enough sun to dry them, you can wear again! In the meantime, while they’re going through the washing process, pop on another pair of REDs to wear overnight.
How do you use RED period proof swimwear?
RED swimmers offer you that comforting level of protection when you’re hitting the beach while on your period. Using our patent pending Modifier Swim Technology that is similar to what’s found in the RED undies, the RED swimmers will absorb any period leaks while you’re having fun in the sun. The absorbency on the RED swimwear is light to moderate. A fun fact is you don’t actually bleed when you’re in the water, so you only need leak protection for when you’re on the sand.
How much fluid does RED period proof underwear hold?
All RED period proof underwear holds 15 to 20 mls of liquid, which works out to be 2 teaspoons or 1.5-2 regular tampons
Will RED period proof underwear smell or feel wet?
Definitely not. The clever technology in the undie gusset absorbs liquid (to keep you dry) and locks in odour, so you don’t have to worry about that ‘period smell’ getting out.

Reviewers of RED have said that it’s a similar sensation to wearing a pad, but without the ‘soggy’ or ‘smelly’ side effects that you often get with a pad with the added bonus of feeling amazingly free and comfortable, and you are saving the planet at the same time.
Is it icky to clean RED?
Hell no! Firstly, you should never be grossed out by your own period blood, because it’s the most natural, normal thing in the world. Secondly, you just need to rinse them in the sink/shower and let the running water do the hard work for you.
Is RED period proof underwear just for teens?
RED is designed specifically with growing bodies in mind, meaning the sizing is listed in ‘Youth’ sizes and the cut and colours cater more to a teen audience. However, nothing is stopping non-teens from joining the #REDsquad too!

If you’re looking for a similar period-proof product, but in ‘Ladies’ sizes and with varying absorbency levels, then take a gander at Modibodi here.
I’m a student, can I get a discount on RED?
You certainly can! By signing up as a RED VIP and being a member of Student Beans, you can get 10% off RED.

You can also get a discount (without being a student) through purchasing a bundle pack. Bundle packs have up to 7 pairs of undies in them, all selling at a discounted price, meaning you can save a heap while also making sure you’re fully equipped for your next period!
Will I need to change RED throughout the day?
You should be fine to wear RED for a whole day before changing into a fresh pair to sleep in. If your flow is heavy, you may need to change throughout the day.
How many pairs of RED will I need?
We would recommend buying at least one pair for each day of your period. So if you have a 5 day period, then 5 pairs would be ideal. You might want to grab a few extras if you do a semi-infrequent laundry load and you want to wear your RED undies to sleep in.
What is the 30 Day risk-free trial?
We know that trying a new product for the first time can sometimes be daunting, this is why we introduced a 30-day risk-free trial offer for first time customers. This means that you can try RED and if for any reason you don’t like the way RED works for you, you are entitled to a full refund on 1 garment for your first time excluding postage. To claim the refund, please contact Please state that you are a first time customer, and under the 30 day risk-free trial you’d like to request a refund. You will be asked to fill out a short survey and be given a returns form and instructions on how to return your item for a full refund.

No further refunds, credits or exchanges can be given on any additional worn underwear.
How do I claim a refund/store credit under the 30 day risk-free trial?
If you have tried an item, under our 30 day risk-free trial and you do not like the item or it is just not right for you. To claim the refund, please contact . Please state that you are a first time customer, and under the 30 day risk-free trial you’d like to request a refund. You will be asked to fill out a short survey and be given a returns form and instructions on how to return your item for a full refund.
Can I return a bundle pack?
If you have purchased a bundle pack you will be unable to receive a refund for these items as they are discounted items, so the sale is final. However if the product is faulty you will be entitled to a replacement or refund.

You may exchange an item from the bundle pack within 30 days of purchase, for a different size in the same style-colour only. These items must be unworn and be returned with protective seal and packaging intact.

As a first time customer, you can return one pair of worn underpants from the Bundle Packs under our 30 day risk-free trial policy.

My Order

Can I change the items in my order or change my order?
We send out parcels hourly so we are unable to cancel orders or make changes to the items in the order. If you discover that you have made a mistake with your order address, please contact Customer service immediately at as we may be able to fix mid transit. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to amend your order in accordance with your instructions.
What is a pre-order?
RED is growing more and more popular, and sometimes we run out of stock of particular items. A pre-order allows you to place your order and then you will receive the out of stock item as soon as our stock arrives.
How do I pre-order an item?
We now have a pre-order option available on our website for some of our products! When you click on an out of stock item, you will be given the option to pre-order this item. If you choose do to this, your pre-ordered item will be sent out as soon as we receive the stock. When our new stock arrives, you will receive an email notifying you that your item has been shipped. *Please Note* If you have other items in your order, these items will not be sent out until your pre-order item is ready to be shipped. It is a possibility that by the time your pre-ordered item arrives, your other items could be out of stock.
How can I track the progress of my order?
We will email you as soon as your order is placed and processed, and then again when your item has been shipped. If you do not receive these emails, please contact our Customer Experience team at so they can investigate further and get you the information you need.
What do I do if my favourite style and size is out of stock?
RED has been so popular that some of your favourite styles, colours and sizes are out of stock. We receive new stock each month. If you would like to join our waitlist for priority access to our next shipment, you can add yourself by clicking the ‘Add To Waitlist’ button when you click on an item that is out of stock. Just enter your email address, and we’ll let you know as soon as our stock arrives!
What do I do if I receive an incorrect item/order?
If you receive an incorrect item or order, please contact to notify us of the issue. You have up to 30 days post purchase date to advise us that you have received an incorrect item or order.

Shipping and Customs

Important shipping information?
Please review our shipping page here.
What do I need to know about customs, charges and duties?
As we are an Australian business, duties and charges made by your country’s Customs Service once it has reached its destination must be paid by the recipient and not by Modibodi. We are not responsible for and will not reimburse any charges or duties. You can find out more information here.
Can I track my package?
Once you’ve placed an order, you will receive emails notifying you of the movement of your order including a tracking number. This includes a notification that your order has been shipped. If you believe your item should have already arrived and it has not, please contact
What locations do RED ship to?
We love having customers all over the globe! We currently ship to the following locations: New Zealand USA UK Ireland Mexico Cook Islands Bangladesh China East Timor Fiji Indonesia Japan Korea Malaysia Maldives Philippines Pakistan Samoa Singapore Solomon Islands Sri Lanka Tahiti Taiwan Thailand Vanuatu Vietnam At the moment, we do not ship to (we’re working on it!): Brunei Cambodia Mongolia Laos Macau Nauru Myanmar Nepal Niue Palau Tuvalu Canada ( Due to third party taxes, duties and brokage fees we are unable to ship to this destination) For UK and European orders, please go to our UK website

Account Management

Can I edit my user details?
You most definitely can update your details. Please do so here.
How are my personal details used and how are you keeping my information secure?
Please review our website security policy here and our privacy policy here.


Does RED offer any coupons, promotions or student discounts on RED garments?
At times RED may run sales or offer coupons to purchase our garments. Coupons cannot be applied to already bundled, discounted or sale products or combined with another offer or promotion. We may also specify certain items that the coupon applies or excludes, so be sure to read the terms of that offer closely. Coupons and discounts, bundle offers and special promotions cannot be applied retrospectively and must be applied at the time of purchase. RED does offer a discount to verified students through STUDENT BEANS. Visit our student page here.
How do I apply a discount/coupon code?
Before proceeding to the checkout, you will see a summary page. This will show you your items and the total of your order. There is a little box below the ‘proceed to checkout button’ labelled ‘Coupon’. Type your coupon code in here to apply it to your order. Please note that discount codes cannot be stacked and discount codes can only be used once per customer.
I forgot to apply my coupon code! What can I do?
Unfortunately, we are unable to apply a coupon code once an order has been placed. However, granted your item has not already been shipped, our customer service team can cancel your order so you can place your order again.
How does the 'Refer a Friend' coupon work?
Please refer to the following Refer a Friend page here.
How do I order a RED gift voucher?
At this time, we offer e-gift cards. The card will be sent to your email address and you can then forward to the recipient or you can send directly to the lucky person! Please visit our gift card page here.


How can I become a RED stockist?
RED is stocked exclusively at

Giving Feedback

How can I share/give feedback?
We love to hear back from our customers, and all feedback, good or bad is welcome! Please email any feedback or queries you may have to and one of our friendly Customer Service team will address this.