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Vorstellung der Markenbotschafter von Modibodi. Frauen, die die Werte, die Vision und das Ethos von Modibodi verkörpern, um auf der ganzen Welt eine Veränderung herbeizuführen und Frauen weiterhin zu inspirieren, ihren Körper zu umarmen, ihren Geist zu öffnen und dabei Spaß zu haben.

Olivia White

Olivia is a mindful Melbourne mum of two young girls, who according to Olivia, also double as her best friends! While running her household and her lifestyle blog (@houseofwhite), Olivia is constantly creating and promoting ways that her family can live more sustainably and ethically, without taking away the fun! She has been a loyal Modibodi customer long before coming on board to work with us as an ambassador. 

Olivia on Modibodi: "I proudly came on as an ambassador for Modibodi a few years ago, and I love to use my platform to discuss and break down the stigma around what is usually considered taboo or "TMI" topics surrounding women's hygiene and health. I also share the same ethos with Modibodi around creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and our children. What better organisation to represent than one that does so much in this space and with dozens of charitable causes that have an impact here and worldwide.”

Adele Barbaro

Adele Barbaro is one of our favourite Australian parenting bloggers (@real_mumma) and has created a loyal following on Facebook and Instagram, where she shares a genuine, honest and raw insight into what it’s like to be a busy mum. In turn, those who love her blog gain confidence in knowing that parenthood is a roller coaster and it’s not always pretty; she shows the reality. 

Adele is a business owner (Mama Wine Co) and mum to Harvey and Chloe, residing in Melbourne.

Adele on why she chose to become a Modibodi Ambassador: "When I first heard of Modibodi, I was skeptical but I always try something once. It’s been over a year since I purchased a disposable women’s hygiene product and I just adore what Modibodi are doing for the confidence of young girls and women, as well as our environment. I am very proud to align myself and shout from the rooftops about this innovative company"

Sjana Elise

Sjana is an international yoga instructor, a wellness influencer, adventure enthusiast, as well as a self-described sunshine-loving Aussie girl.

She believes that all women deserve to feel empowered and confident in their skin and through her own experience, she has learned that yoga is an invaluable tool for the enrichment of the lives of women of all ages. After struggling with depression and anxiety in her late teens, she now aims to generate a communal happiness for herself and others. 

Passionate about expanding her knowledge of eco practices, Sjana (@sjanaelise) works to inspire a positive approach to environmentalism by being an example of how it can become cool, convenient and affordable. 

Sjana and her mum, Judy, are both big believers in the Modibodi brand, mission and ethos. Knowing that they are not only doing good for their own bodies, but also for the planet, is very important to them.