Claim your council rebate & save

Claim your council rebate & save

Aug 27, 2021sophie nelson

Did you know that depending where you live, you may be able to claim a rebate of up to $150 when you buy Modibodi’s reusable nappies?

That's because environmentally-minded councils have introduced rebates to reward residents for choosing sustainable, reusable products rather than traditional disposables which will end up in landfill.

Contact your local council to find out if they’re on board – and if not – start lobbying!

By switching from environmentally-damaging disposable and single-use items to reusables, you’ll not only divert large amounts of waste from landfill – after all, the average baby uses 6500 disposable nappies by the age of 3, generating one tonne of waste each – you’re also saving money.

In addition to rebates on reusables, some councils also offer workshops offering tips to reduce waste in other ways as well – so it’s worth checking them out.

We’ve done a quick round up of councils offering a reusables rebate below, but if you know of others, please let us know!

If your local council seems to have missed the memo, try sending your local representative an email (and get all your neighbours to join in too). You can include info from one of the more progressive councils in the list below to show them how reusable nappy rebate schemes work; and explain why moving from disposables to reusables is such an important issue.

You could also start a petition with like-minded parents in your area via to make it simple to collect more signatures to include with your letter. Here’s an example of how it’s done:


Blacktown City Council

Mosman Municipal Council

Northern Beaches Council

City of Parramatta

Penrith City Council

City of Wagga Wagga

Wollongong City Council


Banyule City Council

Cardinia Shire Council

City of Casey

Mornington Peninsula Shire

City of Whittlesea

Wyndham City Council


Brisbane City Council

Livingston Council


City of Augusta Margaret River

City of Bunbury

Town of Cambridge

City of Cockburn

Town of East Fremantle

City of Fremantle

City of Melville


City of Holdfast Bay


Litchfield Council

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