Winning fashion tips for spring racing day - underwear, dresses and makeup!

Winning fashion tips for spring racing day - underwear, dresses and makeup!

Aug 10, 2016Alice Cheng

Embedded in Australian sporting culture is the long awaited event of the year – the spring racing carnival. This is an event where glitz and glamour combine for a long day of fashion, champagne and luscious green grass.

The Sydney spring carnival takes place from September to November 2016 and features an array of fabulous events.

Dressing for the races is practically an event in itself, with people competing for best dressed and aiming to stand out and make an impression on the field. Finding that perfect frock and combining it with some killer headwear and heels, is one of the most exciting parts in the lead up to the big day.

While each event does have its own personal tone and dress code, this is also a time to show off your own style and personality which can be expressed with your outfit. Remember to have fun with your choices and make sure you feel your best, this includes being comfortable all day and selecting the best underwear.

Of course the event you’re attending will play a role in determining your outfit choice and any rules or tradition you should consider.

  • Oaks Day has long held the tradition of being ladies’ day, so think flowy floral dresses and sweet scents with lots of lace and splashes of colour.
  • Derby Day focuses more on monochromatics – so have some fun with this one and think of intertwining black and white for something a bit different. Modibodi thongs are perfect for underneath sheer dresses, removing the concern of visible panty line. If your dress is on the tighter side then a Modibodi thong will be your best friend to ensure a sense of freedom for movement.

There’s no right or wrong way to style yourself for race day – but we’ve pooled together some of the most important things to consider for your big day!

Finding The Dress....

It’s not mandatory but it’s probably easier to find your dress first and plan the rest of your outfit around it. The races are a time for class and modesty, and not the time to wear anything incredibly short and revealing. A beautiful pattern or interesting neckline can really make a splash and ensure you stand out for all the right reasons. If you feel restricted by the monochrome colour scheme then try jazz up your outfit with a little splash of colour – a necklace with a brightly coloured stone, or a coloured feather in your fascinator can really look make the outfit pop.

Soft and pretty, floral and pastels are all perfect combinations. Get cheeky with a bit of lace, plus don't forget some Modibodi sensual boy leg or sensual hi waist for added protection – our range of colours (especially burgundy) are perfect colour matches for the spring floral theme.

We recommend dress hire, as it’s a great way to find an amazing dress at an affordable price without having to worry about it taking up closet space! Something Borrowed, Glam corner and Dressed Up are our top picks for great frocks. Or if you prefer online shopping, Asos and Forever New have beautiful ranges dedicated solely to Spring Race day!

The finer details….

Shoes: as you’ll be on your feet most of the day – your shoes are one of the most important aspects of your outfit.

A wedge or thicker heel is often a great choice as it doesn’t have a long heel that will get stuck in the grass and they feel comfortable to stand up for most of the day. Scarlettos are Australian designed heels that make a killer impression. Don’t forget to pack some gel cushions and band aids in case your feet begin to cry out in pain! You can find these at Priceline or any chemist and are relatively cheap and small to keep in your clutch. (Scholl ‘Party Feet’ are a great go-to).

A cute clutch is an absolute essential for holding your lipstick, money and other necessities! Make sure it isn’t too big or bold that it takes away from your dress – this isn’t the statement piece, just something stylish that subtly complements the overall tone of your outfit and has enough room to hold everything.

Jewellery and matching nail polish is another great way to coordinate your look and bring your outfit together. Peter Lang is an iconic designer that has a wide range of affordable bling to add a bit of sassy and sparkle to your outfit.

We all know that for makeup on a long, hot day – primer is your best friend. Make sure your foundation and concealer is set and you bring a compact powder for midday touch ups. This isn’t the time to go overboard with crazy lipstick and eye shadow, often an understated pink or golden eye will match perfectly with floral/pastel prints and a soft pink lipstick to match.

Stylish headwear will be the hero piece of your outfit, the races are notorious for showcasing some amazing headwear of all different designs, patterns and colours. Celebrity fashion stylist Donny Galella says "When it comes to spring racing fashion, the number one essential accessory is a good quality hat or headpiece. It's not often you get to dress and wear a hat. This season for spring crowns & boater style hats will be popular". Brands include Nerida Winter, Myer and Forever New for a more affordable option.

Most importantly, race day is a long day and the crucial element is comfort. Feeling good in what you wear and making sure you feel beautiful and comfortable all day long is the main aim.

Don’t forget to wear or pack your Modibodi to ensure you feel fresh and secure all day, and keep smiling and having fun. When the day is over, you can look forward to relaxing and unwinding on the couch or a nice hot bubble bath!

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